The Night We Burned Ardoyne

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The Night We Burned Ardoyne is an Ulster loyalist song.

It refers to the events of August 1969 when there were large-scale attacks in Ardoyne, a now largely Catholic/Irish nationalist area in north Belfast, which saw many houses burnt out.

It is sung to the tune of Forty Shades of Green.

It has been recorded on CD by The Blue Notes and The Thornlie Boys.


I have often thought and wondered what the outcome might have been
If the army hadn't came in to protect those men in green
Well they shouted all their insults they threw their petrol bombs and shots
But on the 16th night of August we should have shot the lot.

Do you remember Derry Aughrim Enniskillen and the Boyne?
But still fresh in my memory was the night we burned Ardoyne

We chased those fenian gunmen down Hooker Street they tore
And the song we sang and loved so well was "The Sash my Father Wore".
So remember all you fenians you rebels to the core
The next time you start trouble Ardoyne will be no more.

Now loyalists I beg you, please come and take a stand
Against this force of evil, against this papist band
For we will be victorious, we never shall be down
With Ulster's flag still flying, the red hand and the crown.


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