The Nine Laws

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The Nine Laws
The Nine Laws.jpg
The Nine Laws
Author Ivan Throne
Cover artist Dark Triad Man, LLC.
Country USA
Language English
Subject Self-Help
Genre non-fiction
Publisher Castalia House
Publication date
October 4, 2016
Media type Paperback, hardcover, Kindle
Pages 420
ISBN 978-9527065952

The Nine Laws is a book written by Ivan Throne. The Foreword is by Joseph Katzman. The book covers The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man as enumerated, explained and expounded upon by Throne.

From the description at Amazon:

THE NINE LAWS is your living manual of power, distilled for you by the man who was forced to build it to survive. The author forged this system over decades of cruel experience. It began with profound trauma in early childhood, shaped itself during long training in the eastern warrior arts, and was polished amidst financial industry competition and family crisis. Master this content, discover the full extent of your capabilities, and deliver yourself to a place that few men ever reach: joyous mastery of your own fate.

Publication history

The book was originally released as a Kindle edition. Paperback and hardcover editions were released shortly thereafter. It quickly reached the #1 slot in Philosophy on Amazon and #2 in Gender Studies. It remains in the top 1% of all books on Amazon.

Derivative works

There is a brief 50-page PDF "classic edition" version that predated the full release from Castalia House. The PDF is available at the web site of author Ivan Throne.

Review Excerpts

I have been asked to endorse over 500 books in the last 11 months. The Nine Laws will be the first to receive an endorsement. In my judgement this is one of the very few books on the market that will make a profound difference in your life. The type of difference that also impacts the people in your environment as well. Buy it. Read it. Apply it. While there are many books that convey great sounding concepts, The Nine Laws gets at the heart of the matter of what it takes to live powerfully and effectively in the most challenging of times. It is a book for mature adults. Adults who have a sincere commitment to disrupt any and all undesired default futures that they are currently living into. Ivan Throne's commitment in bringing this work into existence will be appreciated for years to come.[1]

This is a refreshing, honest, and incredible book.

Most “similar” works fail miserably for two reasons. First they either deny or foolishly explain away the nature of the world. Ivan’s assessment is cold, brutal and honest. Second, so many “ways of living” books attempt to reassure the reader, coddling the those who should instead be fortified. Delusion is potentially fatal. Ivan fortifies with virtual steel. His approach is born of genuine concern and an apparent desire for others to thrive.

The first thing that grabbed my attention and held it was Ivan’s utter lack of equivocation. This is not simply a testament to good and clear style. It is, rather, evidence of strong presence of mind and sound devotion to the craft of living. His observations were honed by humbling experience, tactfully ingrained in the text.[2]

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