The Todd and Tyler Radio Empire

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The Todd-n-Tyler Radio Empire
Genre Politics, News, Satire, Talk, Personality, Sports, Comedy
Running time 5 Hours
Country United States United States
Home station KEZO
Starring Todd Brandt, Mike Tyler
Air dates since 1993

The Todd-n-Tyler Radio Empire is a morning radio talk show based out of Omaha, Nebraska. It features the personalities of Mike Tyler and Todd Brandt. The show is syndicated in various cities across Nebraska, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin, and California. It is currently the #1 rated radio morning in the Omaha market.[1]


Humorous comments on current events, politics, popular culture, and life events.


Tyler and Brandt first teamed up at WSJW in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in February 1993. Previously, Tyler was hosting the afternoon show and Brandt was part of the "Starview Morning Show". The duo moved to KEZO-FM in Omaha in August 1993. It became the top-rated morning show in Omaha in 1995 and has maintained that spot with the 25-54 demographic.[citation needed] The show began syndication in November 2006. The show is carried by the following stations:

Affiliate Call letters City Started Broadcasting On Air (Local Time)
Z92 KEZO-FM Omaha, Nebraska August 1993 5am - 10am Mon-Fri, 3rd-shift replay 10pm - 2am Sun-Thur; Best of the Week 6am-10am Saturday
T95 KICT-FM Wichita, Kansas November 2006 5am - 10am Mon-Fri
93.5 The Hawk KKOT Columbus, Nebraska February 2012 5am - 10am Mon-Fri
104.1 The Blaze KIBZ Lincoln, Nebraska February 2012
KLUK-FM (Lucky 98) KLUK Laughlin, Nevada November 2012 5am - 10am Mon-Fri


Mike Tyler. Hometown: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Attended Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Tyler did several radio jobs in the York/Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pennsylvania market, before moving on to Omaha. Tyler is married with two children. Before marriage, Tyler referred to himself as a "serial monogamist"[2] and often shares his former relationship escapades on the air. Often targeted for jokes because he has a very large head.[3]

Todd Brandt. Hometown: Rugby, North Dakota. Attended Moorhead State College (now Minnesota State University, Moorhead) and Tempe Normal School (now Arizona State University). Brandt had radio stints in his hometown, starting on the air as a high school freshman. He has worked in Fargo, North Dakota, Phoenix, Arizona, Spokane, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Louisville, Kentucky, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Omaha, Nebraska. He is married with seven children. He is an outdoor aficionado, and frequently shares his camping and drinking stories and is open about his drug use.[4][5]

(News Guy) Craig Evans. Hometown: West Memphis, Arkansas. He was adopted by a preacher and his wife. Moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in his teens. Craig is known for his stuttering and bloopers while reading the news, infectious laughter, and for frequently providing stories about Space and Astronomy, which lead to the inevitable Uranus joke. Craig is the mystery man of the show.[6]

Big Pussy (Producer). Hometown: Villisca, Iowa. As a child, Big P spent most of his childhood in an igloo in the northern reaches of Alaska, hunting, ice fishing, and snow skiing. Big P moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where he attended school at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and began an internship with T-n-T. After being abused and tortured by T-n-T, Big P was hired to be the show's producer. Big P is married with one child that is most likely his.[7]

Petey-Mac (Sports). Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska. Petey jumps in during the last two hours of the show. Besides bringing up sports stories, he comments on any topics the guys are discussing at the time. Petey is a former bartender, loves golf, and is recently married.[8]

Supporting cast

LenDog. Show's webmaster, the creator of the show's South Park Theme cartoons and The Play-At-Home game.

Joe America. Conservative correspondent and friend of the show.


The Guy Bangin' Your Mom - An occasional caller to the show that shares his sexcapades with your mom. The target can be a comedian or guest of the show. Originally referred to as the The Guy Bangin' Craig's mom. The original name had to be retired after Craig's mother died in November of 2014.

Fake Larry the Cable Guy - The shows' Larry the Cable Guy impersonator.

Larry the Cable Smoker - The gay version of Larry the Cable Guy.

Irma - Retired adult actress who discusses her life experiences in the business.

Radio bits

Did that Stick to the Tape? Phrases spoken during that show with certain sexual connotations that are played back during future shows.

Unspeakable Sex Acts. Phrases that sound like sex acts that naturally come up during conversation.

Great Band Name. Phrases that sound like a band name. If any band uses any of these band names to promote themselves, the guys will play their songs on the air.

Trained Counseling. Hosts response to listener problems sent to the show. The majority of the questions involve relationship problems or are sexual in nature.

Craig's Dead Pool. Celebrity dead pool, in which listeners predict the death of ten celebrities for the respective year. Tyler refers to them as soulless bastards. The winner of the pool receives a plaque. Past winners include Wacko (2009), Hopefulscientist (2010), AchinForBacon (2011), EdsSecretPantsMoney (2012), Rick Allens Left Arm (2013), and methandasshatinthemo (2014).

The $1 Jar. If a host or guest tell a bad, flat, flawed, horrible joke, they owe a dollar to the jar. It is not specified how the money is spent.

Cubicle Affiliates. If you listen to the show via the stream or through podcasts, and your city is not an affiliate of the Todd-and-Tyler Radio Empire you can sign up to be a cubicle affiliate.

Michele Bachmann Birthday. The anniversary of the day in which a celebrity died. The connotation was adapted after Michele Bachmann wished Elvis Presley a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death while campaigning in Iowa for the Presidency of the United States.

He's dead now. Stories of self-inflicted deaths, accompanied by inappropriate laughter.


Frequent guests of The Todd n Tyler Radio Empire include Larry the Cable Guy, Lewis Black, Dennis Hof, Jack Hanna, John Beasley[disambiguation needed], Dr. Oz, Mr. Skin and traveling comedians who are scheduled to perform at the Omaha Funny Bone Comedy Club. Frequent performers at the Omaha Funny Bone include Shawn Gnandt, Pete Lee and Nick Allen.


Todd and Tyler were honored by the Omaha Press Club and inducted as the 106th face on the Barroom Floor on May 19, 2006[9] and were roasted at this event by Larry the Cable Guy.

Todd and Tyler were nominated for the 2006 Medium Market Personality of the Year NAB Marconi Radio Award.[10]


Big P started his internship with T-n-T around the time that Big Pussy Bonpensiero died on the show The Sopranos. As an homage to The Sopranos' Big Pussy, they decided to name their new intern Big Pussy.

After joining the Wichita market, T-n-T decided to keep track of the Johns and Janes that made it onto the Wichita Anti-Prostitution website, often posting some of the pictures on their website for entertainment. After two years, the city of Wichita took down the pictures and posted the following statement:

For the past two years the Wichita Police Department has used this space to post photographs and information about individuals who have been arrested and charged with prostitution -related offenses in Wichita. The Department has learned that these photographs and information were being used for purposes that the Department feels were inappropriate. Because of this inappropriate use of information by individuals outside law enforcement, the Department has suspended our practice of posting this information.[11]

To this date, the hosts of the show contend that it was because T-n-T were using the website for entertainment that the Wichita Police Department took down the site.

The show's syndication started by expanding to Wichita, Kansas, and Springfield, Missouri in 2006. Between 2007-2009, they added affiliates from Burlington, Vermont, Billings, Montana, San Francisco, California, and Boise, Idaho. By May, 2010, T-n-T were dumped by 5 out of the 7 affiliates due to stations flipping formats or low ratings. Between 2012 and 2013, TnT acquired affiliates in Scottsbluff, NE, McCook, NE, LA, CA and WI. However, by December of 2014, these stations dropped TnT from their schedules due to the stations flipping formats.

The cast are huge football fanatics and follow the sport closely. Here are the teams that they root for during the football season.

Cast Member NFL Team College Team
Tyler Pittsburgh Steelers Penn State Nittany Lions/Pittsburgh Panthers
Todd Minnesota Vikings Arizona State Sun Devils
Craig Green Bay Packers Arkansas Razorbacks
Big P Green Bay Packers None
Petey Mac Denver Broncos Nebraska Cornhuskers


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