The Vision of the Anointed

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The Vision of the Anointed
File:The vision of the annointed bookcover.jpg
Hardcover edition
Author Sowell, Thomas
Country United States
Language English
Subject Social Policy
Genre Economics, Philosophy
Publisher Basic Books
Publication date
June 28, 1996
Media type Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, E-book at [1]
Pages 320 pp.
ISBN 978-0-465-08995-6
Preceded by Race And Culture: A World View
Followed by Knowledge and Decisions

The Vision of the Anointed is a book by economist and political columnist Thomas Sowell challenging people Sowell refers to as "Teflon prophets," who predict that there will be future social, economic, or environmental problems in the absence of government intervention (Ralph Nader is one of his foremost examples). The book was initially published on June 28, 1996 by Basic Books.


Sowell asserts that these thinkers, writers, and activists continue to be revered even in the face of evidence disproving their positions. He argues that they are promoters of a worldview concocted out of fantasy impervious to any real-world considerations.[1]


The title of book refers to the view of human nature that Sowell called "the unconstrained vision" in his earlier book a Conflict of Visions, and that Steven Pinker called "the utopian vision" in his book the Blank Slate.[2]


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