The Women Around Larsson

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The Women Around Larsson
Directed by Schamyl Bauman
Written by Gideon Wahlberg
Schamyl Bauman
Starring Edvard Persson
Gideon Wahlberg
Katie Rolfsen
Dagmar Ebbesen
Music by Erik Baumann
Cinematography Harald Berglund
Europa Film
Release dates
26 December 1934
Running time
104 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

The Women Around Larsson (Swedish:Kvinnorna kring Larsson) is a 1934 Swedish drama film directed by Schamyl Bauman and starring Edvard Persson, Gideon Wahlberg and Katie Rolfsen.[1] The film's art direction was by Bibi Lindström. A blacksmith rescues a young sailor who has been beaten up in the street and takes him home and gives him a job as his apprentice. The young man later turns out to be an aristocrat who has run away from home.



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