The Wrong Guy

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The Wrong Guy
File:The wrong guy.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by David Steinberg
Produced by Jon Slan
Janet E. Cuddy
Martin Walters
Written by Dave Foley
David Anthony Higgins
Jay Kogen
Starring Dave Foley
David Anthony Higgins
Jennifer Tilly
Joe Flaherty
Music by Lawrence Shragge
Cinematography David A. Makin
Edited by Christopher Cooper
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release dates
August 1, 1997
Running time
92 minutes
Language English

The Wrong Guy is a 1997 Canadian comedy film directed by David Steinberg. It was co-written by Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall and Newsradio fame, along with David Anthony Higgins and Jay Kogen (the latter of The Simpsons writing fame). Foley also stars in the picture, along with David Anthony Higgins, Jennifer Tilly, Colm Feore and Joe Flaherty.

The script was originally inspired by a sketch Foley himself wrote back during his days with The Kids in the Hall.


Dorky executive Nelson Hibbert (Foley), who gets passed over for a promotion after spending years (including marrying one of his boss's daughters) attempting to curry favor.[1] Upon hearing this, he ends up shouting "I'll kill you!" as security drags him from the board room. Later, when he goes to confront his boss (Kenneth Welsh), he finds that the man has already been murdered, and, due to the scene he made earlier, assumes that he will be mistaken for the murderer.[1] Nelson flees, unaware that security cameras have already revealed the identity of the true killer to the authorities. Nelson tries to escape to Mexico, but along the way he meets both the real killer (Feore) and the murder's investigator, Detective Arlen (Higgins), who Nelson believes is trailing him. Chaotic events transpire and Nelson meets a narcoleptic farm girl, Lynn Holden (Tilly).[1] What follows is a bizarre series of misadventures marked with slapstick routines and constant one-liners.


Actor Role
Dave Foley Nelson Hibbert
David Anthony Higgins Detective Arlen
Colm Feore The Killer
Jennifer Tilly Lynn Holden
Joe Flaherty Fred Holden
Dan Redican Ken Daly
Richard Chevolleau Jimmy
Alan Scarfe Farmer Brown
Kenneth Welsh Mr. Nagel
Enrico Colantoni Creepy Guy
Kevin McDonald Motel Manager
Jay Kogen Bus Driver
David Steinberg Outpatient in Neck Brace



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