There Will be War (series)

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Day of the Tyrant - There Will Be War Vol. IV edited by Jerry Pournelle, Tor Books, 1985

There Will Be War is a military science fiction and fact series created by Jerry Pournelle that included short stories, essays, and poetry revolving around a common theme of warfare, both in the near and distant future. Originally issued by Tor Books in paperback through volume 9, the series was picked up by Castalia House, reissued with new cover art, and continued for a tenth volume. The Castalia editions dropped the titles and are simply titled "There Will Be War Volume n".

The series

  1. There Will Be War by J.E. Pournelle (Creator), John F. Carr (Editor) ed. (Tor 1983, Castalia 2015)
  2. Men of War (There Will be War Vol. II), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1984, Castalia 2015)
  3. Blood and Iron (There Will be War Vol. III), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1984, Castalia 2015)
  4. Day of the Tyrant (There Will be War Vol. IV), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1985, Castalia 2015)
  5. Warrior (There Will be War Vol. V), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1986, Castalia 2016)
  6. Guns of Darkness (There Will be War Vol. VI), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1987, Castalia 2016)
  7. Call to Battle (There Will be War Vol. VII), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1988, Castalia 2016)
  8. Armageddon (There Will be War Vol. VII), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1989, Castalia 2016)
  9. After Armageddon (There Will be War Vol. IX), Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Tor 1990, Castalia 2016)
  10. There Will Be War Volume X, Jerry Pournelle, ed. (Castalia 2016)


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