Third Republic of Venezuela

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Republic of Venezuela
República de Venezuela
Unrecognized state


Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
The Third Republic of Venezuela
Capital Caracas
Languages Spanish
Government Republic
President Simón Bolívar
Historical era Spanish American wars of independence
 •  Guyana Campaign 1817
 •  Congress of Angostura 1819

The Third Republic of Venezuela is the name commonly used to refer to the reestablished Republic of Venezuela declared by Simón Bolívar in the year 1817, during the Venezuelan War of Independence. The beginning of the Third Republic of Venezuela is attributed to the period after the Guyana Campaign, during which the republicans restored democratic institutions in Angostura. The Republic ended after the Congress of Angostura of 1819 decreed the union of Venezuela with New Granada, to form the republic of Gran Colombia.

Venezuela would become once again an independent republic after its separation from Gran Colombia in 1830, with José Antonio Páez as President.

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Coordinates: 10°05′00″N 67°32′00″W / 10.0833°N 67.5333°W / 10.0833; -67.5333