Third Swedish Crusade

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Christianization of Finland
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Bishops: Thomas · Henry
Rodulff · Fulco · Bero
Popes: Alexander III
Innocent III · Gregory IX
Archbishops: Anders
Others: Birger Jarl
Sergius · Lalli · King Eric
Kokemäki · Köyliö
Nousiainen · Koroinen
Turku Cathedral
Finnish-Novgorodian wars
First Swedish Crusade
Second Swedish Crusade
Third Swedish Crusade

The Third Swedish Crusade was a Swedish military expedition to Karelia in 1293, an area controlled by Novgorod. As the result of the attack, Viborg Castle was established and western Karelia remained under Swedish rule for over 400 years.

The name of the expedition is largely unhistorical, and it was just a part of a long series of military conflicts in the Swedish-Novgorodian Wars.

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