Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln

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Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln (1568 – 15 January 1619) was an English peer, styled 11th Baron Clinton from 1585 to 1616.[1]

He was educated at Oxford University, from which he had his MA in 1588, and represented the constituencies of Lincolnshire in 1601 and Great Grimsby from 1604 to 1610. In the latter year, he entered the House of Lords by a writ of acceleration as Baron Clinton de Say. Before being removed to the Upper House on 14 February 1610, Thomas Lord Clinton was a member of the Lower, serving as an English representative in the Anglo-Scottish Union Commission established in June, 1604.[2]

He was the son of Henry Clinton, 2nd Earl of Lincoln, and Lady Catherine Hastings, a daughter of Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, and Catherine Pole. He inherited the earldom in 1616.

He married c. 1584 Elizabeth Knyvett and had:

  • Theophilus Clinton, 4th Earl of Lincoln, 12th Baron Clinton (c. 1600 - London, 21 May 1667), married firstly by 1622 the Hon. Bridget Fiennes, and married secondly Elizabeth Gorges (died 1675), and had:
    • Edward Clinton, Baron Clinton (1624 - London, 1657), married by 1652 Lady Anne Holles (died London, October 1707), and had:
      • Edward Clinton, 5th Earl of Lincoln, 13th Baron Clinton (died London, 25 November 1692), married in 1674 Jeanne de Gulière (died 25 August 1688), without issue; on the death of the 5th Earl the Barony of Clinton fell into abeyance among his aunts and their issue
    • Lady Katherine Clinton (died 1643), married 30 November 1639 George Booth, later Baron Delamer (18 December 1622 - Dunham Massey, 8 August 1684)
    • Lady Arabella Clinton, married Robert Rolle (died 1663)
    • Lady Margaret Clinton, married Hugh Boscawen
  • Lady Frances Clinton
  • Lady Arabella Clinton (died Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, August 1630), married Isaac Johnson
  • Lady Susan Clinton, married John Humphrey; they emigrated to America
  • Lady Dorcas Clinton
  • Lady Sara Clinton
  • Lady Ann, married Sir James Harrington and also emigrated to America, where she died in Charlestown, Mass., Christmas Day in 1632. She is not mentioned at all in her father's extensive will, in which he leaves all of his daughters money and even names servants, but the apparent family drama that resulted in this appears to be lost to history.

He died in Tattershall.


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Peerage of England
Preceded by
Henry Clinton
Earl of Lincoln
Succeeded by
Theophilus Clinton
Baron Clinton
(writ of acceleration)