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Thomas Wynter or Winter was the supposed illegitimate son of Thomas Wolsey by his mistress, Joan Larke. Wolsey was archbishop of York, English cardinal, candidate for the papacy and chief minister of Henry VIII of England. The evidence of the kinship of Wynter and Wolsey is disputed. Wynter is described as the nephew of Thomas Larke, chaplain to Wolsey; his mother was Larke's sister, and it is said that Larke's promotion dates from the relationship.[1]

Wolsey employed Thomas Lupset as his tutor.[2] Wynter was presented to the living of Winwick[disambiguation needed] in 1525 (on the resignation of Larke from Winwick[1]), and then spent time in Paris with Lupset. He was made Provost of Beverley Minster in 1526 and Dean of Wells shortly afterwards. [3]

After Wolsey's fall from power there is little record of him.[4] He wrote to Thomas Cromwell in 1532 requesting £100.[5] He was Archdeacon of Cornwall, 1537-1543.[6] He married and had children.


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