Tim Kelly (radio host)

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Tim Kelly
Powers & Principalities - graphic from the Tim Kelly (thkelly67) & Joseph Atwill weekly YouTube show..png
Tim Kelly, host of "Our Interesting Times" on YouTube and Podomatic, and co-host of Powers & Principalities with Joseph Atwill.
Born 1967?
Residence West Virginia, USA
Nationality American
Occupation radio show personality, independent thinker, YouTube persona, historical revisionist, truther
Known for anti-establishment, anti-cultural engineering, counter-propaganda, etc.
Spouse(s) yes
Children 7
Parent(s) maybe
Relatives maybe
Website "Our Interesting Times" podcast is at

on YouTube.com

on Podomatic.com

Tim Kelly hosts the regular weekly or biweekly Our Interesting Times podcast series and co-hosts the weekly Powers & Principalities series with Joseph Atwill. Kelly is gainfully employed[1] and fathered his 7th child, his 3rd daughter, in early January 2019.[1][2]

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Our Interesting Times

Tim Kelly's YouTube "About" page states:

Donate on PayPal or on Patreon to Tim Kelly's "Our Interesting Times" and "Powers & Principalities" audio shows.


Authority figures, corporate media, critics, intelligence operatives, propagandists, the misinformed, and the uniformed would all call much of this conspiracy theory and/or historical revisionism.[citation needed]

Powers & Principalities

main article: Powers & Principalities
Powers & Principalities
The static graphic of the Tim Kelly ("thkelly67" on YouTube) & Joseph Atwill weekly YouTube audio show, also on Podomatic.com.

Powers & Principalities is a weekly audio show series (playlist of all episodes on YouTube or mixed on Podomatic.com with "Our Interesting Times" on Podomatic), co-hosted by Tim Kelly (radio host) and Joseph Atwill. All episodes are audio programs usually ranging from an hour to an hour and a half of just Tim and Joe analyzing and conversing on an anti-establishment, counter-propaganda, historical revisionist, and/or truther topic every week since May 20, 2017, unlike Tim's other show, Our Interesting Times, interviewing a variety of guests. Powers & Principalities is one of the most riveting, informative, and important ongoing conversations that, unlike mainstream legacy corporate media (propaganda), explain their critical analysis with context to unveil layers of the New World Order's methods of full spectrum dominance, cultural engineering, manipulation, domination, exploitation, and extermination.[citation needed]

All episodes of the Powers & Principalities regular audio interview series between Joseph Atwill and Tim Kelly (thkelly67) are included in this playlist on YouTube.

Powers & Principalities
YouTube Episode Date Time Length Description Transcription*
Auto-generated transcriptions should eventually be reformatted, corrected, and hyperlinked by human review of video episodes. Feel free to help and contribute. Thus far, only one episode's transcript has been human-corrected.
Episode 047 2018-04-14 1:15:35 Syria and the bigger picture. Proper Transcription 047*
*Note: All linked transcriptions' copyrights belong to Tim Kelly (thkelly67) & Joseph Atwill.

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