Timeline of Florida History

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An 18th-century map of Florida

This is a timeline of the U.S. state of Florida.


History of Florida
Seal of Florida.svg
The seal of Florida reflects the state's Native American ancestry
Historical Periods
Pre-history until 1497
Spanish Rule 1513–1763
British Rule 1763–1783
Spanish Rule 1783–1821
U.S. Territorial Period 1822–1845
Statehood 1845–present
Major Events
American Revolutionary War 1775–1783
War of 1812 1811–1814
First Seminole War 1817–1818
Capitol moved to
Second Seminole War 1835–1842
Constitutional convention 1838
Third Seminole War 1855–1858
Ordinance of Secession 1861
Civil War 1861–1865
3rd Constitution 1865
Reconstruction 1865–1868
4th Constitution 1868
5th Constitution 1885
Great Migration 1910–1930
Land Boom 1925–1929
6th Constitution 1968
Gore v. Harris
2000 Presidential Election


  • 1601: Spanish King commissioned a map of Florida which includes a fort he wants built in Miami.
  • 1603: Pedro Ibarra appointed Governor of Florida.
  • 1605: "Period of Friendship" between Spanish and Native Tribes started because of the diplomatic trip of Alvaro Mexia.[3]




Statehood era (1845–present)


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