Tits 'n Ass

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Tits 'n Ass
File:Tits 'n Ass.jpg
Studio album by Golden Earring
Released 11 May 2012
Genre Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, rock and roll
Length 55:49
Producer Chris Kimsey Golden Earring
Golden Earring chronology
Live in Ahoy
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Tits 'n Ass

Tits 'n Ass is a studio album by Dutch rock band Golden Earring. It was released on 11 May 2012.[1] It is their first album since 2003's Millbrook U.S.A.

Track listing

All songs written by Barry Hay and George Kooymans.

No. Title Length
1. "Identical"   3:32
2. "Little Time Bomb"   3:56
3. "Cool as It Gets"   4:15
4. "Acrobats and Clowns"   4:10
5. "What Do I Know About Love"   4:32
6. "Still Got the Keys to My First Cadillac"   3:50
7. "Dope Runner"   3:43
8. "This Love"   4:01
9. "Stratosphere"   4:37
10. "Over the Cliff into the Deep Deep Blue"   3:25
11. "Flowers in the Mud"   4:10
12. "Justin Time"   3:46
13. "Avenue of Broken Dreams"   3:43
14. "Wanted by Women"   4:09



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