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File:Toilet papered bathroom.JPG
A bathroom that has been "TPed"

Toilet papering (also called TP-ing, House Wrapping or Yard Rolling) is the act of covering an object, such as a tree, house, or another structure with toilet paper. This is typically done by throwing numerous toilet paper rolls in such a way that they unroll in midair and thus fall on the targeted object in multiple streams. Toilet papering can be an initiation, a joke, a prank, or an act of revenge. It is common in the United States and frequently takes place on Halloween or after the completion of school events such as graduation or homecoming football game.[1]


While few jurisdictions in the United States have statutes specifically against toilet papering, some police departments cite perpetrators on the grounds of littering, trespassing, disorderly conduct, or criminal mischief, especially when the homeowner's property is damaged.[1][2]

Pop culture

Throwing toilet paper is a component of the audience participation activities associated with showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rolls of toilet paper are customarily thrown when a character shouts the phrase "Great Scott!" in response to the entrance of character Dr. Everett Scott, a reference to Scott brand toilet paper.[3]

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