Tokyo Shock Boys

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Tokyo Shock Boys
Starring Torata Nanbu
Sango Jugo
Danna Koyanagi
Joshua Baggott
Running time 23 – 30 Minutes
Original network Dengeki Network
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The Tokyo Shock Boys (東京ショックボーイズ Tōkyō Shokku Bōizu?), or Dengeki Network (電撃ネットワーク Dengeki Nettowāku?), is a Japanese group of five men who perform dangerous and crude stunts. In 2012, they announced on the Dengeki Network 'Day long takeover' (一日中買収?) that they had a new member only known as 'ジョシュア' or the Latin 'Joshua', who has now been seen to be 'Baggott' (袋ゴット?) as his nick and brand name suggests from products.

The group was formed in Tokyo in 1990. The Tokyo Shock Boys have a huge cult following in Japan and have appeared in many other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Germany and Scotland.

In 2006, they made appearances in Japanorama, Adam & Joe go Tokyo and the Dirty Sanchez movie. However, their shows are viewed as having more 'magic' stunts rather than painful ones. This was proven in Dirty Sanchez: The Movie as the Tokyo Shock Boys refused to do a show with Dirty Sanchez because they viewed their stunts to be too extreme.

The members of the group are:

  • Torata Nanbu (南部虎弾 Nanbu Torata?, also written as Torata Nambu)
  • Sango Jugo (三五十五 Sango Jūgo?): He died of lung cancer on March 3, 2015 in Tokyo, aged 52.[1]
  • Gyuzo (ギュウゾウ Gyūzō?)
  • Danna Koyanagi (ダンナ小柳?) a.k.a. "Buns of Steel"
  • Joshua Baggott (Joh-shwah) (ジョシュア?)

On volume 2 of the manga Yu-Gi-Oh!, when asked to slide one's foot inside a shoe with a scorpion, Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda respond, "Who do you think we are, the Tokyo Shock Boys?"

They have since become a huge success. This is due to the huge range of products the Shockboys have now released. These span from spoof items such as 'Baggott's Bean Pie' to actual action figurines of the five members. The success is thought to be due to new member 'Baggott' having a close relationship to famous actor Nicolas Cage.


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