Tomotaka Tasaka

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Tasaka Tomotaka
Born (1902-04-14)April 14, 1902
Hiroshima Prefecture
Died October 17, 1974(1974-10-17) (aged 72)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Film director

Tomotaka Tasaka (田坂 具隆 Tasaka Tomotaka?, 14 April 1902 – 17 October 1974) was a Japanese film director.


Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, he began working at Nikkatsu's Kyoto studio in 1924 and eventually came to prominence for a series of realist, humanist films made at Nikkatsu's Tamagawa studio in the late 1930s such as Robō no ishi and Mud and Soldiers, both of which starred Isamu Kosugi.[1] His war film, Five Scouts, was screened in the competition at the 6th Venice International Film Festival.[2]

Tasaka was a victim of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and spent many years recovering.[1] He eventually resumed directing and won the best director prize at the 1958 Blue Ribbon Awards for A Slope in the Sun, which starred Yūjirō Ishihara.[3]

His brother, Katsuhiko Tasaka, was also a film director, and his wife, Hisako Takihana, was an actress.

Selected filmography


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