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Transmission icon.png
Transmission 2.82.png
A screenshot of Transmission 2.82 running under Ubuntu MATE
Original author(s) Eric Petit, Josh Elsasser, Bryan Varner
Developer(s) Jordan Lee, Mitchell Livingston
Initial release 17 September 2005 (2005-09-17)
Stable release 2.92 (March 6, 2016; 2 years ago (2016-03-06)) [±][1]
Development status Active
Written in C, Objective-C
Operating system Unix-like (BSDs, Linux, OS X, Solaris), Windows[2]
Type BitTorrent client
License GNU GPL, MIT License[3]

Transmission is a BitTorrent client which features a variety of user interfaces on top of a cross-platform back-end. Transmission is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), with parts under the MIT License.[4]


Transmission allows users to quickly download files from multiple peers on the Internet and to upload their own files.[5] By adding torrent files via the user interface, users can create a queue of files to be downloaded and uploaded. Within the file selection menus, users can customise their downloads at the level of individual files. Transmission also seeds, that is, it will automatically share downloaded content.[6]

Transmission allows priorities to be assigned to torrents and files within torrents, to influence which files are downloaded first. It supports the Magnet URI scheme[7] and encrypted connections. It allows torrent file creation and peer exchange compatible with Vuze and μTorrent. It includes a built-in web server so that users can control Transmission remotely via the web.[8] It also supports automatic port mapping using UPnP/NAT-PMP, peer caching, blocklists for bad peers, bandwidth limits dependent on time-of-day, globally or per-torrent, and has partial support for IPv6.[9] It allows the use of multiple trackers simultaneously,[10] Local Peer Discovery,[11] Micro Transport Protocol (µTP),[12] and UDP tracker.[13] It does not support directly subscribing to RSS feeds containing torrent files for automatic download, but there are third-party add-ons that can supply the functionality.[8]:229

OS X specific features include Dock and Growl notifications, automatic updates using Sparkle and Universal Binary (up until version 2.22).


Transmission allows users to monitor a torrent's activity.

Transmission 1.60 and later removed support for Mac OS X v10.4. Currently, Transmission 1.54 is the last version that runs on Mac OS X 10.4. Although it is possible to compile later versions from source, either by downloading from the project's web site[14] or using a package manager like Fink or MacPorts, it is unsupported and any bugs specific to 10.4 will not be fixed. Starting with Transmission 2.30[15] an Apple Mac with an Intel CPU is needed; PowerPC-based systems are no longer supported natively.

The Transmission back-end (libTransmission) also serves as the basis of the Transmission daemon. The daemon supports a web front-end called Clutch. Older versions have been ported to form the basis of the update system for the video game Metal Gear Online on PS3,[16] as well as the backend for ImageShack's BitTorrent service.


A portable version is available on[17]


Transmission is a set of lightweight BitTorrent clients (in GUI, CLI and daemon form). All its incarnations feature a very simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.

There are several transmission clients for different operating systems including Unix-like, OS X and BeOS/ZETA. Each operating system front-end is built using native widget toolkits.[4] For example, transmission-gtk uses the GTK+ interface, transmission-qt the Qt interface, and transmission-cli a Command-line interface. Transmission-remote-cli is an ncurses interface for the transmission-daemon. Python-transmissionrpc is a Python module implementing the JSON-RPC client protocol for Transmission

An unofficial port of Transmission using a command-line interface (CLI) on iOS was accomplished on March 3, 2008.[18] In November 2010, iTransmission, another unofficial port, was released for jailbroken iPhones sporting a GUI that is capable of downloading directly to the device over WiFi or 3G.[19] A Transmission remote was released for Android, with the name of Transdroid but does not currently support downloading directly to devices.

On Windows, Transmission-Qt can be built with MinGW,[20] the daemon and console tools can be built with Cygwin,[21] also there are two third-party GUIs: Transmission Remote Dot Net[22] and transmission-remote-gui,[23] as well as unofficial full builds of Transmission's Qt Client.,[24][25] There is also an unofficial full build of Transmission daemon which can be run as a Windows service.[26]

It is also ported to the Maemo OS of the Nokia N810 internet tablet and N900 smartphone as well as to the MeeGo/Harmattan OS of the Nokia N9 and N950 smartphones, on which it does download the torrents to the device.


Transmission is the default BitTorrent client of many Unix and Linux distributions,[27] including Joli OS, Solaris,[28] Ubuntu,[29] Mandriva,[30] Mint,[31] Fedora,[32] Puppy,[33] CrunchBang,[34] Zenwalk,[35] and the GNOME flavor of openSUSE.[36]

Fonera ships its routers with Transmission pre-installed.[37]

CNET editor Paul Huges praised Transmission for its "simplicity, lightweight, as well as being feature-packed" and the software is currently ranked third in P2P downloads for Mac on CNET.[38]

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