Trei culori

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Trei culori
English: Three Colours
Coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania.svg
Coat of arms of S.R.Romania (1965-1989)

National anthem of Template:Country data Socialist Republic of Romania Socialist Republic of Romania
Lyrics Unknown, 1977
Music Ciprian Porumbescu
Adopted 1977
Relinquished 1990

Trei culori ("Three colours") was the national anthem of the Socialist Republic of Romania from 1977 until 1990. Since 1990, after the Romanian Revolution of 1989, it has been replaced by Deșteaptă-te, române!. Before 1977 the national anthem had been Te slăvim, Românie, introduced in 1953.

Trei culori is based on a Romanian patriotic song with the same title (music and lyrics by Ciprian Porumbescu). The original text twice underwent non-credited revisions in order to reflect the country's Communist doctrine as well as parallels between past and present glories.

The title refers to the national flag of Romania, which is a red-yellow-blue tricolour. It has not undergone many or major changes in the history of the Romanian state. Only the distribution of the colors (in point of proportion and position) changed to a certain extent, being made equal after the abortive Romanian revolution of 1848. The Romanian principalities were among many European states during that time that were inspired by the French revolutionary spirit to make a tricolour or dimensionally standardized three-color banner as their national flag.

The song continued as the national anthem for a few months after the overthrow of Communism, but with Porumbescu's original patriotic lyrics.

Original patriotic song (Romanian: Tricolorul) and National anthem lyrics

Romanian lyrics

Trei culori cunosc pe lume
Ce le țin de-un sânt odor,
Sunt culori de-un vechi renume
Suveniri de-un brav popor.
Roșu-i focul ce-mi străbate,
Inima-mi plină de dor
Pentru sânta libertate
Și al patriei amor.
Auriu ca mândrul soare
Fi-va'l nostru viitor
Pururea'n eternă floare
Și cu luci netrecător
Iar albastrul e credința
Pentru nație ce-oi nutrim
Credincioși fără schimbare
Pân' la moarte o să-i fim
Pân' pe cer și cât în lume
Vor fi aste trei culori
Vom avea un falnic nume
Și un falnic viitor
Iar când, fraților, m'oi duce
De la voi ș'oi fi să mor
Pe mormânt, atunci să-mi puneți
Mândrul nostru tricolor

English translation

Three colours I know in the world
And I hold them like a holy jewel
They are colours with an ancient fame
Reminders of a brave nation.
Red is the fire that permeates
My heart which is full of longing
For holy liberty
And the love for the motherland.
Golden as the proud sun
Shall be our future.
Always in eternal blossom
And unwithered radiance.
And blue is our loyalty
To our nation, which we cherish.
To it we shall be loyal
To the death, without faltering.
As long as in the sky and in the world
There will be these three colours
We'll have a glorious name
And a glorious future.
And when, brothers, I shall leave you
And the time will have come to die,
On my tomb then lay
Our proud tricolor flag.

National anthem

Romanian lyrics

Trei culori cunosc pe lume,
Amintind de-un brav popor,
Ce-i viteaz, cu vechi renume,
În luptă triumfător.
Multe secole luptară
Străbunii noștri eroi,
Să trăim stăpîni în țară,
Ziditori ai lumii noi.
Roșu, galben și albastru
Este-al nostru tricolor.
Se înalță ca un astru
Gloriosul meu popor.
Suntem un popor în lume
Strâns unit și muncitor,
Liber, cu un nou renume
Și un țel cutezător.
Azi partidul ne unește
Și pe plaiul românesc
Socialismul se clădește,
Prin elan muncitoresc.
Pentru-a patriei onoare,
Vrăjmașii-n luptă-i zdrobim.
Cu alte neamuri sub soare,
Demn, în pace, să trăim.
Iar tu, Românie mîndră,
Tot mereu să dăinuiesti
Și în comunista eră
Ca o stea să strălucești.

Literal English translation

Three colours I know in the world,
Reminders of a brave people –
Since old times, with old renown
Victorious in battle.
For long ages
Our heroic forefathers fought
To live as masters of this land,
Builders of our world.
Red, yellow, and blue
Is our tricolour
The glory of my people
Rises like a star
We are a people in the world
Close-knit and industrious,
Free, with a new renown
and an audacious aim.
Today the Party unites us
And on Romanian land
Socialism is being built,
Through the workers' spirit.
For the honor of our homeland,
We crush enemies in battle.
With other nations under the sun,
We live, trustworthy, in peace.
And you, splendid Romania,
Shall stand for ever and ever,
And in the Communist era
Shall shine as a star.

Free English translation

Patriotic song

With three colours I'm acquainted
With their holiness embraced
Since old times by glory painted
And recall a gallant race
Red's the fire that's inside
My own patriotic heart
Liberty, so it decided
Shall be it's goals from the start


With three colours I'm acquainted
Which recall a gallant race –
Since old times by glory sainted
Battles has it won apace.
For long ages our forefathers
Have this gallant flag unfurled,
So we may the land's fruit gather,
Building here the future's world.
This tricolour flag of ours
Flutters crimson, yellow, blue,
Like a star in skyey bowers
Rise my people, brave and true.
In this world we are a nation
Keen on work and of one soul.
Free and with new reputation,
Sharing one ambitious goal.
Now united by our Party;
In Romania's meads and fields,
Our work is hard and hearty,
Building Socialism its yield.
For the homeland's greater glory
We crush enemies at fight,
But we'd share a peaceful story
With all peoples in proud light.
Proud Romania, now dearer,
Live forever in fine light!
In the Communist new era
Like a star you must shine bright!

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