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Truther article work-in-progress & general goals
  • To provide a better over-arching definition to encompass and better list those variations of truthers, movements, events, and other related criteria.
    • Organize, categorize, and possibly splinter into other articles to expand upon.
  • To illustrate that truthers embrace their identity and alleged ability to see through media manipulation, propaganda, and lies.
  • To expand the comprehension of what a truther may be without necessarily attaching stigmas of "9-11" or "conspiracy" or "corrupt media".
  • To define distinctions between "truthers" (usually about alleged official government or mainstream media accounts, particularly of politically rewarding events), "skeptics" (of beliefs in all religions, ghosts, bigfoot, UFOs, otherworldly, etc (needs better wording)), and "conspiracies" of "conspiracy theorists" which often carries worse pejorative connotations and/or weight of unprovable "theories" are less reliable or credible, and "disinformation" conspiracy theories (UFOs, lizard people, etc) and government campaigns to disinfo and discredit.
  • To find strong citations of support this article with neutrality.
  • Reference Never Forget: Sept 2001 = SIX Events!

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A truther is a skeptic, who questions government, corporations, and corporate media, unlayers deceptions, seeks answers, finds and shares their own truths rather than prescribed doctrines and dogmas from untrustworthy authorities with hidden agendas. With some alleged abilities to see through corporate media manipulation, lies, and propaganda, most truthers embrace their identity despite the "mainstream" corporate media's attempts to tarnish "truther" as a negative, pejorative, and/or dismissive label synonymous with "conspiracy theorist", a term weaponized by the CIA[1][2][3][4][5] (starting with 1967's CIA Document 1035-960 "Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report", to be used pejoratively to quell dissent surrounding the JFK assassination.)


Truther origins

September 11 attacks
official narrative lies vs
endless unanswered questions.

"Truther" came into common usage after the government and corporate media (frightened into silence by the 2001 anthrax attacks, also an inside job proven by the FBI) were not forthcoming, clear, nor truthful about the 2001 September 11 attacks resulting with the rise of the 9/11 Truth movement demanding more open investigation and better answers.

9/11 Truth movement

Truthers in the 9/11 Truth movement with questions, skepticism, refutations, or disbelief of government and corporate media "official" accounts, evidence, and physics, in part or in whole, and have provided many plausible theories asserting key foreign and domestic individuals in a confluence of agencies that either allowed or orchestrated the September 11 attacks as well as the 2001 anthrax attacks that frightened into silence cowardly journalists, politicians, and any hope of legitimate investigations, cementing the cover up to the present day. In addition to the ignorant or misinformed, as with every movement, the 9/11 Truth movement has been infiltrated with intentional disinformation and so-called "leaders" who appear to thwart awareness campaigns through mismanagement and even charity scams.[citation needed] Regardless, truth groups, movements, alternative media, and general awareness grow about the corporatocratic corruption, manipulation, exploitation, and murderous agendas.[citation needed]

9/11 Commission & pathetic report & myth making

If it hadn't been for the outspoken and demanding widows of 9/11 victims, known as the Jersey Girls, there would not have even been the preposterous 9/11 Commission and their [[Report, the primary author and commission's executive director, Philip D. Zelikow[1][2], (closely tied to the Bush regimes), applied "his own self-described expertise in the creation and management of “public myth.”[3] In a separate 1998 article[6] on public myths, Zelikow identifies “generational” myths that are “formed by those pivotal events that become etched in the minds of those who have lived through them,” before noting that the current set of public myths, formed during the New Deal in 1933, are currently fading."[7]

In a [predictive] article [three years before September 11th] entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger,”[8] written for the Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Affairs in November 1998, Zelikow and co-authors Ashton Carter and John Deutsche ask readers to imagine a catastrophic act of terrorism like the destruction of the World Trade Center. “Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either future terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently.[9]
Comparing Investigations Illustrating Priorities Of Authorities (incomplete)
Comparing Investigations Illustrating Priorities Of Authorities (incomplete)
Event Investigators Date Preparation Initiation Conclusion Duration Budget
JFK Assassination Warren Commission 1963-11-22 007 days 1963-11-29 1964-09-24 300 days budget
MLK Assassination FBI investigation 1968-04-04 preparation initiation conclusion duration budget
JFK Assassination
MLK Assassination
U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations 1976 preparation initiation conclusion duration budget
Watergate scandal U.S. Senate Watergate Committee 1972-06-17 334 days 1973-05-17 1974-06-27 406 days budget
Space Shuttle Challenger disaster investigators 1986-01-28 preparation initiation conclusion duration budget
O. J. Simpson murder case People v. O. J. Simpson 1994-06-12 150 days 1994-11-09 1995-10-03 328 days budget
Clinton–Lewinsky scandal Independent Counsel 1995-11 to 1997-03 preparation initiation conclusion duration budget
9/11 9/11 Commission 2001-09-11 442 days 2002-11-27 2004-08-21 633 days budget
Space Shuttle Columbia disaster investigators 2003-02-01 preparation iInitiation conclusion duration budget
event investigators date preparation initiation conclusion duration budget
see also: article Comparing costs
It took President Bush an extraordinary 441 days after 9/11 to establish a commission to investigate the events of September 11, 2001. And it was not just the case that Bush was slow in acting; he actively resisted any investigation for as long as he could, taking the extraordinary and unprecedented step of personally asking Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle to limit Congress’ investigation into those events.[10]

Expanding trutherism

Further beyond 9/11, the "truther" title has been taken up by other historical revisionists, conspiracy analysts, and conspirophiles who understand historical events and eras usually have more than just one side, official narrative, or story and that there are many layers, levels, and wheels within wheels operating in the Machiavellian kakistocracy, inverted totalitarian Neoliberal agendas, "National interests", central banking Wall Street crime, war profiteering Zionist Washington consensus geopolitics, Shadow Party, shadow government, deep state, secret agencies, covert-ops, coup d'états, assassinations, eugenics, drug running, human trafficking, the Pedophocracy, secret societies, New World Order, Illuminati, and any variety of occultism, brainwashing, psychological manipulation and warfare, maintaining the monopoly on violence and the establishment status quo of exploitation, and authoritarian domination for profit, power, prestige, psychopaths' superiority complexes, and delusions of grandeur.[citation needed]

Historical false flag patterns

As long as most people are distracted and misinformed...

Corporate media's terrible priorities, pushing unhealthy consumerist lifestyles and authority worship, biases, distortions, lies, omissions, dynamic silence, etc

JFK & Northwoods

OKC (& Legacy/Corruption Pays) & Historical False Flags


Ole Dammegård

irregular behaviour, deviations off standard protocol, overprotecting victims' families feelings as justification for opacity or censorship, etc

crisis industry, drills, moulage, etc

Psych-ops & propaganda, false flags & fake news, the war on your mind & influencing public opinion

Trading serial killers for lone nut terrorists.

Trading the drug war for a global war on terror.

The revised NDAA's Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 legalizes the use of propaganda on the American public.[11][12] The 2013 act rescinded and nullified the 1948 law preventing domestic propaganda campaigns but now legally justifies and allows psychological operations (lies, fake news, and false flag events) to influence public opinion waged upon the American civilian public. In the wake of the passing of this law, a flurry of mass shooting events, real, fake, or part-hoax part-authentic, have been unleashed upon the public, all exploited by corporate media and politicians, as a crisis industry sprang up. The corporate news, once over 50 now under 5 corporate monopoly owners, is a monopoly that refuses to expose the lies, exploitation, suffering, and murder forced upon citizens of the world, applying dynamic silence tactics, or worse, upon alternative media who dare to bravely speak truth to power.[citation needed]

Accelerated terror

Knee jerk false flag terrorist event assumptions, not entirely unfounded.



Jim Fetzer censorship, Wolfgang Halbig threats

Ole Dammegård


Adam Curtis' HyperNormalization

Common definitions of "truther"

  1. A person who seeks or shares their truth.
  2. A person with questions or skepticism about official and mainstream media accounts, who seeks information, context, and understanding through transparency, responsibility, and accountability.
  3. A person with questions, small or grand, about official and mainstream media accounts, often of reported tragic events influencing policies affecting the public.
    1. This person may, or may not, be a self-proclaimed "truther" or "Truther".
    2. This person may, or may not, be called a "truther" or "Truther" by another person or people.
    3. This person may, or may not, have the "truther" or "Truther" label applied but simply has questions (seeking the truth) or is skeptical.
    4. A "Truther" (capitalized) is someone in, or someone who identifies with, at least one Truth community. (ie. 9/11 Truth movement)
  4. A person with questions, skepticism, refutations, or belief that the important truths are being willfully concealed, obscured, distorted, or suppressed by a powerful agency or confluence of agencies, often with the implication that they know the real "truth" or know they have been deceived or manipulated.
  5. A person with questions, skepticism, refutations, or disbelief of official or otherwise widely accepted accounts of an event, particularly a tragedy involving loss of life (assassination, mass murder, accident), and instead attributes it to a government conspiracy.
  6. A person with questions, skepticism, or denies the mainstream account of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and believes most governments and corporate media have covered up truths of the event. The conspiracy may entail:
    1. That the attack occurred with the foreknowledge of key people in several governments
    2. That the attack was a "false flag" perpetrated in whole or part by those governments
    3. That the attack was not perpetrated alone by Al Qaeda
    4. That the following anthrax attacks silenced all politicians and journalists sealing the cover-up
  7. A person, possibly in the 9/11 Truth movement, with questions, skepticism, refutations, or disbelief of government and corporate media "official" accounts, evidence, and physics and may provide many theories asserting key foreign and domestic individuals in a confluence of agencies that either allowed or orchestrated the September 11 attacks as well as the 2001 anthrax attacks that frightened into silence cowardly journalists, politicians, and any hope of legitimate investigations, cementing the cover up to the present day.
  8. A person believing that the United States government ineptly allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks to occur.
  9. A person believing that elements of the United States government allow, fund, support, or perpetrate false flag attacks, especially since the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 now legally justifies psychological operations and propaganda to influence American public opinion.
  10. A person who is an independent media investigative journalist who does not answer to the establishment inverted totalitarian hierarchy corporatocracy controlled media monopolies.
  11. A person who shares content from, someone who follows, or someone in a community of crowdsourcing independent investigators, alternative media journalists, and scholars, publishing their analysis, contextualization, and perceived truths in topical explorations and exposés.
  12. A person who seeks, shares, and/or analyses contextual understanding of current events, history, and the future of the world by dissecting legacy mainstream corporate media propaganda, deconstructing deceptions, following hierarchies and finances, historical precedent, compiling evidence, and independent alternative media, among other means.
  13. A negative personal insult and/or dismissive label synonymous with "conspiracy theorist", a pejorative term weaponized by the CIA to quell dissent about the JFK assassination.
  14. "Truther" may be a synonym for conspiracy theorist which may be a pejorative and/or relate pride one is "woke" or wise to government and corporate media deceptions.
  15. "Truther" may be a synonym for conspiracy analyst, historical revisionist, conspirophile, or getting "woke" or wise to government and corporate media deceptions and the matrix after taking the "red pill" of forbidden knowledge.

Truther "rules" & "roles"

There have been no defined rules or roles, but for common understanding there are generally accepted customs and pitfalls understood in truther communities.[citation needed] Most of the following classifications or genres of truthers overlap with others, often in surprising ways.

  • "Truthers" may be people or journalists, alone or with a crowdsource investigation or movement, with questions, skepticism, refutations, beliefs, and/or disbelief in official narratives presented by government and corporate media authorities, and these truthers seek or share discoveries, information, awareness, context, analysis, solutions, answers, and understanding, and to unveil complex layers of deceptions and manipulations of the exploitative Machiavellian corporatocracy through psychological operations and propaganda to influence public opinion.[citation needed]
  • "Truthers-in-denial" are people with questions or skepticism, yet may not consider themselves "truthers", may dislike the "truther" label, or may wish to avoid being associated with "truther" individuals, groups, or movements.[citation needed]
  • "Legitimate truthers" should never insist you believe them while always present their cases, evidence, processes, and sources, asking that you research it to verify your own truths.[citation needed]
  • "Illegitimate truthers" may be ignorant, may be misinformed, may poorly debate differing views, may be an intentionally malevolent infiltrator, and/or may spout nonsense amid some truth, reflecting poorly on other truthers. Sometimes excessive dwelling on accusations or drama and the fallout of endlessly rehashing who did what may hijack the narrative from the real topic being investigated. This may be fueled by emotions, egos, jealousy, spite, dogmas, doctrines, immaturity, inexperience, amateur ability, novice mistakes, civilian bungling, miscommunication, misattribution, misrepresentation, anonymity, lack of transparency, citations or sources, wild speculation, baseless accusations, intentional discrediting, smearing or sabotage, ancient [[feuds], astral alignments, vitamin D deficiency, or lack of a proper sleep.[citation needed]
  • "Assassination truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Counter-culture truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Covert-ops truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Cultural engineering truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Democracy truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Economic truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "False flag truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Health-related truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Historical truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Justice truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Occult truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Pedogate truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Political truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Propaganda truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Spycraft truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "Technocracy truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • "True crime truthers" --- INCOMPLETE ---[citation needed]
  • ""Woo" truthers" are people with questions or skepticism about fantastic and unbelievable conspiracies, what ever that may be, even to most truthers and critical thinkers. These fantastic ideas may be already thoroughly debunked yet they perpetuate misinformation, ignorantly or intentionally. These fantastic ideas may be unprovable for whatever reasons. Many of these fantastic ideas may have strong foundations in reality, history, or historical texts, yet have critical flaws overlooked, ignorantly or intentionally. These fantastic ideas may be part of a counter-intelligence campaign to discredit "legitimate truthers" by associating them with clearly ludicrous ideas with a hint of legitimacy that hooks the gullible into investigating further and even amassing a devout following who may troll others. Some fantastic ideas are "woo-ish" because there are very believable elements without evidence to disprove them - yet.[citation needed]
  • Woo examples include:
see also: Mirage Men, a documentary on CIA's manipulation of UFOlogists
  • Woo-ish examples include:

Truther synonyms

Truther antonyms

Truther related words

Truther meme variants

see also: Vaxxed

Crisis event history & analysis

More definitions & details & disambiguation & event history - Clean Up Work In Progress
Stephen Colbert uses "Truthiness" on the debut episode of The Colbert Report on October 17, 2005.
  • ""Truthiness" is believing something that feels true even if it isn't supported by fact." Stephen Colbert who popularized the truthy derived term starting on October 17, 2005, carried on since then in derivations such as "Trumpiness" (on CBS's The Late Show 2016-07-18 @23m23s).
  • authentic, accurate, context dissonance
  • Looking at what we've been told, using logic we may not know what happened but we can know what didn't happen, and then the official story falls apart raising more questions about the authenticity of the entire story.
  • ---
  • Every tragedy does not have government conspiracy elements, only those that do which usually become quickly apparent. Because mainstream media is failing to effectively investigate, civilians must be skeptical. The lowest hanging fruit of obvious clues are:
    • Drills - whether or not nearby government drills of similar events are taking place at those times.
    • Actors - Suspicion arises if involved citizens and witnesses are either government agents, assets, and/or actors who may appear repeatedly at various tragedies, in various capacities, and/or in various identities.
    • Characters - Listed deceased, witnesses, or other persons with little or no other records beyond the event raises questions of their existence.
    • Fixed Stories - The official story that comes out fast, heavy, and with repetition far sooner than a naturally unfolding story might, with formerly unknown characters and scenarios already well researched and accounted for ready for mainstream media to publish. It's also notable if the official narrative does not change or evolve despite new evidence, perspectives, contexts, and policies.
    • Pre-dating - The internet doesn't forget, and some errors may occur, but statistical anomalies of many dated records and/or activity before any event draws suspicion.
    • Motive & Outcomes - There's always some people who will exploit any good or bad event (disaster capitalism), so motives and outcomes must be watched but are not nearly as definitive. In a sense, the case must be built.
    • Warnings - If officials warn you not to believe counter accounts, then it may be time to investigate further in an age lacking transparency.
    • Disinfo - There may seem to be a campaign of disinformation and extremely implausible accounts to purposely obfuscate clarity, impede investigation, and cast doubt about contrary accounts.
    • Simplicity - If the official line is too simple, two dimensional, too often echoed, too much like talking points, it may be to drive home the message to most civilians.
  • ---
  • "Truther" - If you're not with the truthers, you're with the terrorists of the Zionist Western Empire establishment.
  • "Truther" - If you're not a truther, you may be a liar or a myth buyer.
  • ---

Truth vs Dynamic Silence

You are allowed to believe anything you want, but you are not permitted to know anything for certain.[citation needed]

{more details required}[citation needed]

Most of the "Fair and balanced" corporate media will not inform you nor allow discussion with dynamic silence tactics on many taboo topics. These are only some examples of the many taboo topics...

Controlling reality

  • Operation Mockingbird, the Overton window and cultural engineering, to control the narratives, the message, and reality.
  • ---
  • "The intelligence community does not produce intelligence, the intelligence community exists for the sole purpose of spending without accountability." ~ ex-CIA whistleblower, Robert David Steele[26]
  • ---
  • President Richard Nixon started the war on drugs as an excuse to suppress peace protesters and Black folks who did drugs the same as white folks. The peace protesters were all clean-cut respectable looking educated students. The rebellious hippy image that most Americans did not subscribe to was a manufactured trend in order to alienate the "peaceniks". The 1960s counter culture was culturally engineered, starting in the Laurel Canyon where most of the classic rock you know and love was from and most of the members were related to military folks and very rarely ever got busted for their drugs or lifestyle. Since 1947 the US military had established a top-secret film unit deep in Laurel Canyon at Lookout Mountain Air Force Station the only full-service movie production facilities from script to sound stage to animation to film processing. Some say the Zapruder film was tampered with there, others say child and celeb porn and snuff movies were made there. Jared Leto bought the place for $5m in 2015 from a rehab center that failed after 3 years.
  • ---
  • Did you know, until the press published it, Vice President George H. W. Bush, Sr. was scheduled to have dinner with John Warnock Hinckley, Sr., (president of World Vision United States, and Chairman and President of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation) when John Hinckley, Jr. was allegedly attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan?
  • The Moon landing was likely faked and the International Space Station is likely real, but did you know about the tax-funded secret space programs, that include the Boeing X-37?
  • ---
{more details required}[citation needed]
(see also: dynamic silence)

The war for your mind

Propaganda, psychological operations (psy ops), and false flag events unleashed upon the public, legally.[citation needed]

Control of free thinkers requires violence, chains, and prisons. Brainwashed sheeple require conformist mass schooling and training, constant mass messaging reinforcement, debt slavery, and perpetual fear with needs of protection from authorities in hierarchies of domination under which they may roam in regional open prisons, slaves in mind.[citation needed]

The NDAA legalizes the use of propaganda on the American public.[27][28] The NDAA 2013 Smith-Mundt (Modernization) Act of 2012 (Wikipedia soft censor obfuscation in intentionally confusing terms) rescinded and nullified the 1948 law preventing domestic propaganda campaigns but now legally justifies and allows psychological operations (lies, fake news, and false flag events) to influence public opinion waged upon the American civilian public. In the wake of this law being passed a flurry of mass shooting events, real, fake, or partly real have been unleashed upon the public, as a crisis industry sprang up, such as Crowds On Demand who, according to their homepage that says they are "Your home for protests, rallies, advocacy, audiences, PR stunds, and political events", while others like Crisis Cast (including actors with security clearance, amputee victim actors with moulage, and scary Arabs) focus more on crisis simulations with crisis actors for training drills. Many if not most false flag events are crisis drills authorized to go "live".[citation needed] On social media platforms alleged victims' families rake in millions in donations from the sympathetic charitable public that has been conned, aided by public relation firms to sell the message.[citation needed] On several occasions the "donate pages" were operational online well before the "event" even took place.[citation needed]

  • Where did all the serial killers go? Since 9/11 now all we have is lone nuts. (But still no conspiracies. Except Russiagate.)[citation needed]
  • "The intelligence community does not produce intelligence, the intelligence community exists for the sole purpose of spending without accountability." ~ ex-CIA whistleblower, Robert David Steele[29]
{more details required}[citation needed]
  • "Everything's done in secret at this thing called the FISA court. No one even talks about that we even have a secret court." ~ Jimmy Dore[30]
Active YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter suppression (demonitization soft censorship and hard censorship) of all alternative media analysis of staged "domestic terror" events and foreign wars, whether you agree with MSM or not.[31]
{more details required}[citation needed]
  • Top secret clearance, etc. - implanted perceptions of necessity

You are allowed to believe anything you want, but you are not permitted to know anything for certain.[citation needed]

Corporate media's self censorship

The corporate mainstream media is allegedly unwilling or unable to imagine that trusted public figures would engage in antisocial behaviors of this nature.[citation needed] Corporate media, especially junk food news, thrives on exposés, sexual titillation, outrage, and a culture of fear, usually chasing after salacious scandals while too often descending into a deviancy amplification spiral, sensationalism, and mass hysteria - yet their mass media remains suspiciously quiet on this issue.[citation needed] The media's silence leaves one wondering if this elite pedophile problem is uncommon and an irrational fear and availability heuristic or just the tip of the iceberg.[citation needed] Unmistakably absent from this alternative movement seeking answers is the deafening dynamic silence of mainstream corporate media as well most charitable celebrity personalities who support various causes yet seem to be caught up in this conspiracy of silence.[32] Mainstream media may be unwilling to investigate for fear of various forms of litigation from the rich and wealthy with armies of lawyers, because their owners and boardmembers may be entangled in the sinister control matrix themselves, or simply because they don't wish to speak truth to power or rock the boat to preserve or promote their career and economic status, just like any overly comfortable sellout yellow journalist trumpeting for war and murderous slaughter of innocent thousands of families - simply for profit.[citation needed]

The corporate mainstream media's self-censorship is not unique or exclusive to the subject of the pedophocracy of elite pedophiles. The MSM was formerly owned by over 50 corporations but has now merged into 5 or 6 monopolies with a unified message front and despite abundant contrary additional evidence on a multiplicity of topics, issues, and events, the MSM will push or omit the narratives the see fit to print. This has been a slow motion infiltration, infestation, and corruption, monopolization and domination, fictionalization and perpetuation of the media and its message.[citation needed]

"They know about it but they don't do anything because they're no longer performing their duty under the first amendment of the constitution. That's why the free press is there. They are supposed to be investigating what our government is doing and telling the people, the country, what the government is really doing and they're not fulfilling that responsibility." ~ ex-NSA whistleblower, William Binney[33]

9/11 & The Global War On Terror

September 11 attacks
official narrative lies vs
endless unanswered questions.

Terror, now more than a feeling.

A global war on terror and global surveillance started with a flimsy legal justification in the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists and the Iraq Resolution written after the 9/11 inside job that was covered up with anthrax. Under threat of an anthrax bioweapon all corporate media and politicians were silenced and did not question why 9/11 was now declared horrendous crime but an act of war to exempt any criminal investigation thus allowing authorities to destroy all the evidence of countless crimes.

The 2001 anthrax attacks of September and October 2001 silenced all discussion, criticism, and questions from the media or politicians about the implausible 9/11 terror event narrative, thus cementing the cover-up to keep unquestioned the true perpetrators and instigators of the endless perpetual global war on terror.[citation needed] (see also: dynamic silence)

A Truther's September 2001 Narrative - Work In Progress

Never Forget: Sept 2001 = SIX Events! ~ jasoncarswell

Insight & Covert

9–11 was an inside job, planned, executed, silenced, and covered up. Why bother covering it up? And why avoid investigating and answering questions? If the Government was innocent they’d still get their “War On Terror” on “enemy populations” without having to cover it up - which only makes you look implicitly guilty and/or stupid. (I won't even begin explaining how unnecessarily ludicrous it is to not question having countless unaccountable secret agencies (the deep state shadow government) that perpetually meddle in all affairs, foreign and domestic.)

We will never get access to "all the proof." Here I lay out some of the glaring fundamentals that eventually solidify that parts of the American Government (not the American people) were really responsible for all SIX EVENTS in September 2001. We, the public, know. More know everyday. We are permitted to believe anything and not allowed to know anything. (However, now “fake news” provides an excuse to censor everything.)

Never Forget 6 Events

SIX EVENTS in September 2001 kick-started the profitable global “War on Terror”. At the World Trade Center, 110-story Buildings 1 & 2 and the third lesser known 47-story tower “Building 7” were all allegedly demolished by two planes with jet fuel (close to kerosene camping fuel). Allegedly the Pentagon was hit by a third plane. Allegedly the fourth plane disappeared into a dirt crater with minimal debris near Shanksville. AND additionally days later anthrax letters were sent to politicians and news media who would not stop demanding answers and shut up. The Anthrax attack investigation by the FBI concluded it was an inside job but they closed the case before it was resolved or pressing any charges, though settlements were paid - and it remains largely forgotten by the mainstream media since. Widely accepted yet unquestioned, these six events are the dogmatic excuse for every draconian measure, inconvenience, infringement, imposition, and violence on freedom worldwide.

  1. September2001 #SixEvents #TruthMovement #ReclaimTheNarrative #FightElitesNotEachOther
Make Up Your Own Mind

Don't believe everything you hear - from ANY source. Even me. Read for yourself and make up your own mind. Try to be skeptical of any “official” stories and critically draw your own conclusions. You should come to grips with the fact that we do NOT live under benevolent rulers. Understand that first, lose the religious-like nationalistic dogma, then you might begin to understand everything else. Governments and corporations will never tell you the whole story against their corporate “national” interests.

There is a lot of confusing misinformation out there - partly intentional, partly inept buffoonery. There are good presentations with terrible graphics, there are terrible concepts with great graphics, there are boring lectures with juicy details, and there entertaining speakers who's beliefs are unbelievable. There are a lot of contradictory eye witness accounts from civilians to policemen to whomever. I don't know them and I don't know who to trust. Trust yourself.

Even the best truth aggregators may stretch to make their points but if you step back and connect the dots, starting with the irrefutable facts, the pattern is undeniable. Michael Ruppert was the first and still one of the best to do this for me by stepping back and exposing the whole geopolitical game afoot. (Looking forward to the future, I also recommend his Collapse documentary. I have both linked on YouTube farther below.)

Historical Context

To understand properly you should have historical context, before 9-11. For the best historical perspective of capitalism's brutality read Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine' and Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States' and anything by Noam Chomsky. These are legitimately level headed widely accepted authors and books, NOT to be confused with "conspiracy theory" deep politics that may get a little fuzzy around the fringe of what is provable.

There's simply too much to list about the WTC Building 7 demolition as well as the twin towers and suspicious circumstances (I may update this later), including the US government's criminal involvement in the first 1993 WTC bombing and 1995 Oklahoma City bombing years earlier. (For more be sure to watch the 2011 documentary, "A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995".) I don't care much about the mysterious Pentagon event or the downed jet but some things cannot be ignored so I've listed just a few.

Undeniably Suspicious:

Written before 9-11, the Project for the New American Century's section of Rebuilding America's Defenses entitled entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force" became the subject of considerable controversy. The passage suggested that the transformation of American armed forces through "new technologies and operational concepts" was likely to be a long one, "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor." - They required a false flag event to motivate the nation into a global war on terror driven by shock and awe and fear.

$2.3 Trillion

The day before 9-11, the Pentagon "misplaced" $2.3 TRILLION dollars according to Donald Rumsfeld's own much forgotten testimony, then the Pentagon records and their keepers were conveniently destroyed in that one mostly empty, recently renovated, specific region of all places in the Pentagon. (Also on September 10, the day before the attacks: FEMA arrived in New York with hundreds of people preparing for a "biological attack drill" at Pier 92. The US stock options markets sounded alarm bells sound over unusual trading.)


Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense (War), in the face of an obvious attack and legitimately perceivable potential danger, refused the urging of his security team to move to a secure place to responsibly perform his national leadership duties as third in command - instead chose to "heroically help victims" at the Pentagon lawn aftermath photo opportunity rather than perform his duty.

Pentagon Videos?

The FBI confiscated every Pentagon attack video in the surrounding area in extremely short order. They have released virtually nothing of consequence - on purpose, not by accident. If we can handle seeing the twin towers come down over and over, I'm sure we can handle the Pentagon footage.

Distracted NORAD

Washington airspace is the most protected in the world but failed with the four NORAD war game drills and Dick Cheney's modified hijacking protocols that would seem like an extremely farcical coincidence circus if it all wasn't so tragically true.

Deleted $candal$

Continue to follow the money. Black Eagle Trust laundered $240 billion and those records, the Enron scandal records, and many many others were conveniently destroyed. Billions in insurance were paid, TWICE, for the WTC towers (and he got out of the billions all the asbestos would cost to replace). War profiteering went through the roof. Follow the money to silent complicity if you like. American sheeple have been funding an enormous growing military industrial complex rather than schools, health, or poverty programs for decades. Sure a few thousand people died that day and over a million died in Iraq alone, but no one is screaming about the farce leading up to that war crime either - because they get rich. And let's not forget about the first responders that the government has conveniently neglected care for their mysterious cancer from cleaning up the 9-11 asbestos thermite mini-nuke dust or whatever.

Lots Of (Muted) Whistleblowers

Far better than witness testimonies, I find whistle blowers cement the 9-11 inside job theory. Google or YouTube "9-11 whistle blower" to find testimonies from courageous CIA, FBI, and MI5 names like: Thomas Andrews Drake, Coleen Rowley, Annie Machon, Sibel Edmonds, or Morgan Reynolds (chief economist for the US Dept of Labor 2001–2002 under George W. Bush) - all who will never ever see prime time mainstream media because the media will only tell you what to think. Media corporations are owned by co-conspirator criminals of the Washington consensus cabal. (The CIA's Operation Mockingbird embedded journalist assets to control the narrative, undoubtedly continued today.) Whistleblowers are heroes savagely punished by the establishment and have their lives ruined for speaking truth to power. They fired Dan Rather, just for questioning the "Truth" of George W. Bush's military service. The mass media tolerates zero dissent.

Secrets We Know Of... Now.

Of course they can cover it up - or fogging blur the hell out of it. The Manhattan Project was kept secret from the American public by their government. Nazi work/death camps were not publicly known about until after they lost World War II. Even the phreaking NSA spying on everyone was speculation unproven until Edward Snowden opened that Pandora's box.

Governments Lie!

GOVERNMENTS LIE. Over and over and over and over. They will never investigate themselves because that would never be in their corporate serving interests. Governments exist to serve commerce, not to ensure safe healthy environments nor to foster citizens wellness and long fulfilling lives. People only attain rights when they fight for them. Rulers are far from generous to their masses. To believe otherwise is fooling yourself and perpetuating their power and myth. There is abundant evidence EVERYWHERE as injustice through undeniably true conspiracies (aka deep politics) that happen ALL THE TIME: General Motors streetcar conspiracy, planned obsolescence, how marijuana became illegal, USA Gerrymandering, Operation Gladio, Air America (drug smuggling airline), Project MKUltra, Project ARTICHOKE, USA voter suppression, CIA drug trafficking, Iran–Contra affair, Watergate scandal, false flags, Gulf of Tonkin incident, Bay of Pigs Invasion, 1973 Chilean coup d'état (the first 9-11 to use The Shock Doctrine), 1953 Iranian coup d'état, Reichstag fire, ... ad nauseam.

9-11 was an excuse to force votes for the "Patriot Act" or you're not a patriot and you'll get anthrax in the mail. And that's only the beginning erosion of your rights and freedoms.

9-11 was an excuse to start a war criminally in the wrong countries. A million Iraqis are dead and none of their stories will ever get on to the news other than as statistics. Each of their faces, their lives, their families, their work, their communities, their culture will never be on television because "they" are the enemy. 1,000,000 murders - each in your name - not covered by mass media.

Perpetual War

It's always wartime in the USA. But who's warring on who? No one has invaded the USA. The USA has invaded countless countries over the last couple centuries. 1892 was THE ONLY YEAR the United States does not invade another country! It's only "wartime" in the hearts and minds of the feeble minded who watch Faux News and those in the inverted totalitarian corporatocracy.

Government, Mafia-Styled

Even IF the Truther Movement is a mountain of 90% bullshit, which it likely isn't that high, there's STILL a whopping 10% of that giant mountain of evidence that leads to seriously psychotic criminal intention demanding justice. One should always try to have high standards. Moving your standards flails into moral relativism. So if you can't undermine your country when it is behaving criminally then what recourse would you suggest? We must protect ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic, from without and within our governments. If you are against dissent then you are a fascist. By definition. Fascists don't seem to understand what constitutes evidence.

To Serve And Protect Elites

Adolph Hitler's propaganda Nazi, Joseph Goebbels is often credited to state, "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed." (Like Santa God.) It's much easier to believe if you're easily distracted by keeping up with the Kardashians and football. **It doesn't even have to be secret if no one cares to do anything about it. **The system is rigged, everyone knows it, and no one can change it. Politicians shout about non-issues like scapegoating defenseless minorities rather than discuss real issues like poverty reforms that could help tens of millions instead of wars abroad that only serve elite "national" interests. Who wants to organize rebellion when (by design) you're isolated, miserable, medication-dependent, overworked, unemployed, unhealthy, with video games and a new Star Wars movie?

Ignorance Is Bliss No Excuse

They intentionally design their plots and intricate webs with deniable plausibility built in. Low level thinking and binary right or wrong dis-perceptions are simply blanketing the whole web of theories as outright lies and junk science, when in fact that's what they fed us. There are layers upon layers of degrees of plausibility and credibility and provability and other intricacies that make up a very complex mesh of a picture that requires proper unbiased analysis. I'm not going to do it, you're sure not going to do it, and the 9-11 Commission sure as hell won't do it.

Power protects power. Nixon was never charged. Obama said let's not dwell on the past but look forward. If I murdered someone and said that I'd be in jail. The perpetrators of the Vietnam war who killed 3-4 million will never pay for it. The monopoly on violence trickles down unquestioned.

Because it's been over 50 years since JFK was shot and no one has been tried or convicted does not mean that the case is closed. I expect that in 35 years the 9-11 theories will be as vibrant as ever.

We must adopt critical thinking, not just for ourselves, but for our entire society - and there's a lot of idiots out there who won't change easily. That takes time.


Let's pretend you believe me, that 9-11 was an inside job. What would you do that others aren't already trying to do? There are petitions, and websites, and blah blah blah... They will NEVER pay or ever be held accountable. You are sadly mistaken if you honestly believe any justice system in the world is robust enough. Figureheads know they can't even talk about it publicly, aside from Hollywood or artists. Universities are scared. Judges sure won't touch that. Democrats and reporters get anthraxed. Obama has turned whistleblower protection in the United States into a terrible joke. No one or group has enough power or courage to effectively stand up to power with any significance. The mass media will never do it. YouTube is full of truth (as well as nonsense). But without an organized movement (which would be spied upon and infiltrated by all the agencies and squashed before it got going), there really is no hope. No hope other than trying to demand answers and share knowledge on the off chance that one day we might get some kind of little justice. If we don't speak truth to power, no one will. #FightElitesNotEachOther !

Quick ToDo List

If we had more time I'd say that we need to gain control of the media, finances, and get rid of dogmas like religion, patriotism, and blind faith in exploitative capitalism. We'd need to develop better monopoly-proof decentralized social structures, perhaps online, if the major players (Facebook, Google, etc) weren't already part of corporatized global government.

Develop critical thinking, remain vigilant, resist as much and as long as possible, and prepare for the inevitable collapse within our lifetimes.

Must See Videos:

Until censored, this is the clearest, concise summary of 9–11 in only 33 minutes called “Beyond the 28 Pages - What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal” video on YouTube:

It seems worth promoting and linking again (as above) to my favourite resource and The Corbett Report video with article and amazing citations for “9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money” on this YouTube video:

Please give an honest listen to or look at Michael Ruppert's “The Truth and Lies of 9-11” a video about the past:

And in a slightly different vein also highly recommended “Collapse with Michael C. Ruppert” a video about the future:

If you still cling to your beliefs then I really can't help you. But maybe these will help...

I powerfully recommend “The Corporation”, a video about unrestricted greed and power:

Professor Richard Wolff provides amazing monthly updates that include educational analysis of capitalism and socialism in global news with context, humour, and some solutions. A long overdue criticism of capitalism, “The Game is Rigged” video:

Everything by Derrick Jensen is profound, especially this “Endgame” video:

If I were to make a new "bible", these profound videos are some of the main chapters I would include. They are rich with ideas and context that explain sooo much, even if they aren't all beautifully recorded with "professional" glamour.


If you haven't seriously looked at the links above to the deep politics aka "conspiracy theories" or checked out what the 9-11 whistle blowers have to say or these progressive YouTube video links, then you can never honestly refute most if not all of this article and sadly you are part of the problem.

Dogmatic blindness to the corrupt rigged establishment is the root of most problems on our planet. Most of us are paralyzed by poverty, distractions, faith, and propaganda as the world is pitched into existential collapse.

The human race is just going to drive this gas guzzling system (as long as it's profitable) off that cliff into global extinction.

Lastly, fuck those fascist Wikipedia and censors.

  1. September2001 #SixEvents #TruthMovement #ReclaimTheNarrative #FightElitesNotEachOther

Full disclosure: I have reworked this article from my original answers on I've sort of plagiarized myself. If any of the ideas sound familiar it may be because there's a whole Truth Movement but these words are all mine.

Perhaps I used too many images found with Google. Thanks to their creators and hosters, sorry for "pirating".

If you think I need to correct or modify or learn something that may change this article or otherwise, please let me know in the comment section below. I will act accordingly as I see fit.

  • Afghanistan is of no use but for it's trillions in opium / heroin, unmined lithium, and fossil fuel pipeline routes.
{more details required}[citation needed]

The Truther Movements

  • The Truther Movements, alternative media, and alternative solutions have been ignored or suppressed by MSM.
  • Peace movements, worker directed enterprises (aka democratic workplaces of worker cooperatives), alternative medicine, alternative energy, alternative farming, sustainability, off-grid lifestyles, Earthships, fulfilling lifestyles, life skills, social skills, compassion and cooperation over competition, critical thinking, critical debate vs emotional fighting, non-consumerism, proper budgeting, voluntaryism, agorism, barter economies, gift economies, crypto currencies, etc.
(see also: dynamic silence)
{more details required}[citation needed]

Voting is a joke

A Princeton study stated political inequality leaves the mass majority irrelevant on policies without influence under the Oligarchy. "If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal," is an oft-cited sentiment attributed to anarchist Emma Goldman.[34][5] and/or Mark Twain. The false left-right paradigm is fiction telling us what to believe through the Overton window as the two major (war) business parties are literally the absolute minimum number for choice, virtually a one party state like China, despite 37 brands of cereal to consume. All elections are rigged from top to bottom in countless ways for maximum control - lack of transparency, voter registration nonsense (for an anonymous private vote?), voter suppression, restrictive voter ID laws, awkward Tuesday voting instead of on weekends, long voting lines, broken voting stations, electoral fraud, manipulation, disenfranchisement, division, intimidation, vote buying, disinformation, misleading confusing ballots, ballot stuffing, misrecording votes, proxy vote misuses, voter impersonation, multi-voters, dead voters, vote striking, Crosschecking voters, destruction or invalidation of ballots, vote tampering, artificial results, vote hacking, vote fraud in legislature, gerrymandering, super pacs, rigged primaries, super delegates, electoral college, popular vote, Hacking Democracy, Greg Palast investigations, corruption, secret societies and boardrooms, Zionist infiltration, inverted totalitarianism corporatocracy, Vegas slots are more regulated than Diebold voting machines[6][7], improved ranked voting, and the tax and voting forms should merge for taxation with authentic representation, in an easily accessible online open source block chain.[citation needed]

Rigged 2016 elections

The 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries was a rigged selection election in favour of Hillary Clinton over sheepdog candidate Bernie Sanders, as the WikiLeaks emails prove the corrupt bias of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was scandalously forced to resign as Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee yet was immediately rewarded with the appointment of honorary chair of the Clinton campaign's "50 state program". Jimmy Dore said, "Everyone who was in bed with the Clintons and was in the mass media, remember the Pied-Piper Strategy was to elevate Donald Trump"[35][36] because Hillary thought she had better chances, perhaps rigged, against the deplorable Trump than other Republican candidates. She lost regardless who may have rigged the elections. Bernie wouldn't have. America's Overton window shifted right.[citation needed]

see also: What Happened To Bernie Sanders, a 2018 book by Jared H. Beck Esq. with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author David Talbot.
Beck, Jared H. (2018) "What Happened To Bernie Sanders". Hot Books. ISBN 1510736697 or ISBN 978-1510736696

Rigged 2004 election

  • George W Bush and John Kerry were cousins, both members of the Skull & Bones and Freemason secret societies, and refused to talk about this.
{more details required}[citation needed]

Highest powers

Staring into the sun is easier than finding the true highest puppet masters.

  • NWO, Illuminati, etc.
  • BIS, World Bank, IMF, WTO, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council, etc
  • Centralized power, totalitarianism vs inverted totalitariansim
  • Often to join a gang or be "jumped in", as part of the initiation one must commit a crime the others may hold over you. Some suspect a group may be committing these Smiley Face murders. The negligence and lack of adequate response by authorities makes some wonder there are any connections or associations, since police have no problem abusing civilians in SWAT gear, stealing in the name of "civil asset forfeiture", or serving victims to the racist profitable slavery-prison industrial complex, (never mind the domestic and international crimes of the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), while ignoring the enormous crimes of drugged up Wall Street. Perhaps it's part of some Freemasonry initiation ritual.
  • ---
  • The Really Really Racist History Of Gun Control In America [8][9][10][37]
  • ---
{more details required}[citation needed]

Cults & Secrecy

The Scientology symbol is composed of the letter S, which stands for Scientology, and the ARC and KRC triangles, two important concepts in Scientology.
{more details required}[citation needed]

The Pedophocracy & Pedogate

Convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert (above, right), Speaker of the House, who'd have been president if Bush and Cheney (to the left of him) were incapacitated, at the 2003 State of the Union address.
Alleged pedophile Michael Jackson and his son Blanket in Disneyland Paris, 2006.
{more details required}[citation needed]

Modern health & care is a joke

  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug like kissing is not a gateway to rape. Hamburgers are not a gateway drug, though many people who do drugs may eat hamburgers. Ice cream does not cause shark attacks though their numbers may both be affected by good weather. Causation, correlation, and connection are different and need to be understood.[38]
  • Ask Gary Webb who reported how the CIA imports cocaine into the USA - except he committed suicide with two bullets to the head.
{more details required}[citation needed]

O. J. Simpson was framed

Ron Goldman in 1991.

Law enforcement authorities have a large secret file sealed to this day on Ron Goldman, suggesting he's a secret agent, infiltration asset, or confidential informant rat, yet when he and his friend Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered on June 12, 1994, all the attention was place on her strained relationship with O. J. Simpson yet rather than investigating further the relationships between these and several other similar murders of Ron's friends and associates or the high level Los Angeles based cocaine trade, the corrupt racist police, justice system, an media staged a controversial criminal trial circus with Judge Lance Ito (despite conflicts of interest) where Simpson was charged with their deaths and subsequently acquitted of all criminal charges. [39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63]

{more details required}[citation needed]

So many Smiley Face Killers

Smiley appeared in 1948, 1953, and 1958 before this classic 1963 form.

Much media capitalizes on morbid fascination in everything from tame murder mysteries to serial killers to thriller horror and gore movies, with or without sex, in fiction or true crime. Many of these sensational news narratives selectively misinform the public (Making A Murderer, the West Memphis Three, Laci Peterson, the O. J. Simpson murder case, Charles Manson, etc).

Most people haven't heard of the Smiley face murder theory about of secret undiscovered groups around the USA, UK, and perhaps further, who have successfully kidnapped dozens and dozens of fit young men, often promising, sometimes allegedly intoxicated, often at night, isolated, and then they are tortured for days or weeks (often unreported by police protecting the peace and victim's families) before death, and their bodies are placed in or by bodies of water, in deep or shallow or on the shore (banks, beaches, bridges, etc), often near where they were abducted, and often in the nearby proximity is a graffiti smiley face.

According to Wikipedia, "Smiley face murder theory relates to a theory about smiley faces near the bodies of young men killed by drowning between 1992 and 2008", ignoring more recent murders or that it's an international problem.

{more details required}[citation needed]

Often to join a gang or be "jumped in", as part of the initiation one must commit a crime the others may hold over you. Some suspect a group may be committing these Smiley Face murders. The negligence and lack of adequate response by authorities makes some wonder there are any connections or associations, since police have no problem abusing civilians in SWAT gear, stealing in the name of "civil asset forfeiture", or serving victims to the racist profitable slavery-prison industrial complex, (never mind the domestic and international crimes of the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), while ignoring the enormous crimes of drugged up Wall Street. Perhaps it's part of some Freemasonry initiation ritual. Most police, politicians, judges, etc are Freemasons and might be obliged to ignore this phenomenon.[citation needed]

Not to be confused with:

The Vietnam War's mythological purpose

Original unissued patch for the Phoenix Program.
{more details required}[citation needed]
{more details required}[citation needed]
  • A war for G.O.D. - gold, oil, and drugs {find quote by Michael Ruppert}. Also tin, rubber, domination and control of the South Pacific trade routes.[citation needed]
  • "Someone said this at some point about why we stayed when we knew we were losing. Ten percent was to help the South Vietnamese. Twenty percent was to hold back the commies. Seventy percent was to avoid the humiliation of an American defeat. Seventy percent of those boys just to avoid being humiliated? That stuck with me." said Tom Hanks's character at 56 minutes into The Post, a 2017 American allegedly historical drama political thriller film but is really biased mythology mainstream propaganda about The Washington Post, Daniel Ellsberg, and the Pentagon Papers's U.S. Department of Defense history of American political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. Typically much ado is made about the scandalous process of leaking and blaming a few "leaders" egos, rather than the far worse leaked content which remains mysteriously "bad" and scandalous without context nor analysis nor mention of the institutionalized evil war policies. Similarly the 2016+ bluster about WikiLeaks, Russiagate, hacking allegations, and other nonsense distract from proven documented criminality (Clinton Foundation), scandals (Haitian pedophile), and mysteries (Pizzagate) within the emails that are perpetually ignored by corporate media.[citation needed] The Washington Post is now owned by Jeff Bezos, owner of and $100+ billionaire, who bought the paper for $200 million[citation needed] around the same time as landing a $600 million contract with the CIA for undisclosed purposes,[citation needed] likely controlled propaganda and counter-propaganda - while being on the Pentagon board.[66] WaPo articles and employees are forbidden any criticisms of Bezos or any corporate advertising clients.[citation needed]

The Holocaust mythology and exaggerations

Countries with laws against Holocaust denial.

The Holocaust is a story we've been sold by mainstream media - only since the 1970's. Holocaust skeptics, aka "deniers" or revisionists or Historical revisionism (negationism), may say it is a Zionist excuse to scam Germany for "reparations", public sympathy, and a victim status reason to steal land and lives from Palestinian people for their state of Israel. Prison work camps and racism were very real and existed in most countries, and Germany run work camps enslaved Jews as well as Blacks, Gays, journalists, anarchists, artists, dissidents, and criminals who suffered and even died but there are no museums for them in every state (and there are not Native American Indian or slave plantation museums and organization all across Europe collecting Genocide sympathy money (though they certainly deserve reparation support)). The Russians won World War II, paid with 20 million lives, a fact rarely mentioned in Western propaganda. The work camp death toll is actually less than 200,000 while the 6,000,000 is an 1800's religious fiction. Six million is also statistically and physically impossible "Holocaust math". There are many far easier and cheaper ways to murder and dispose of the masses in war time when food, fuel, and labor are precious resources not worth wasting the time shaving, tattooing, feeding (what little they had), transporting, gassing, moving, and burning bodies. The gassing story is terror-fiction and cremation is extremely wasteful in a time of war rationing when fuel was short. The guards were as skinny as the prisoners because the food supply lines had been strategically cut off. To protect the masses from the truth the Zionist establishment has smothered the media with dynamic silence tactics and made it illegal to investigate the alleged Holocaust in many countries. (Evidence of official lies need to be covered up, destroyed, or made illegal, and like 9/11, many assassinations, school shooting events, and even the Project MK Ultra files or Moon Landing blueprints and video archives, the scene of the crime is off limits, "lost", or destroyed.) Furthermore clearly idiotic anti-Semitic books like Mein Kampf, allegedly written by Adolph Hitler, and the 1903 fabrication, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, are both abundantly available on where, (with and Barnes & Noble on the same day) in 2017, critical scholastic volumes are banned to suppress the dissenting facts, testimony, and revisioning analysis without ideological interference. (The books are still available at or[67] To be clear, average typical Jews are good people, ignorant of much like all folks, but Zionists pursue evil Zionism agendas. There is a profound distinction. Many Jewish people are Holocaust skeptics and many Jews in Israel and around the world object to the actions of the Zionist Israeli state. In the end, there are three groups of people who are Holocaust skeptics - 1) those who know history and the truth, 2) anti-Semitic folks who may or may not have agendas, 3) a combination of these two - and sadly the first group gets unfairly lumped in with the anti-Semitics.[citation needed]

{more details required}[citation needed]

The Titanic mythology

RMS Olympic (left) being maneuvered into drydock in Belfast for repairs on the morning of March 2, 1912 after throwing a propeller blade. RMS Titanic (right) is moored at the fitting-out wharf. Olympic would sail for Southampton on the 7th, concluding the last time the two ships would be photographed together.

The RMS Olympic, suffering from two collisions, over one weekend in Liverpool switched names, life preservers, and lifeboats with it's near identical sister ship, the RMS Titanic, sunk on April 14, 1912, in an insurance scam (while also disappearing 3 billionaires, Astor, Guggenheim, and Straus, while J. P. Morgan, who controlled the White Star Line's parent corporation, the International Mercantile Marine Co., conveniently pulled off valuable statues in the last hour and cancelled his voyage due to illness, yet was healthy with his mistress on a French beach over the following week) smoothing the way for the 16th income tax amendment to adopted on February 3, 1913, secretly founding the Federal Reserve System act awkwardly passed on December 23, 1913, and orchestrating the "Great" World War I and the pre-planned sequel World War II). Tragically the nearby SS Californian sat suspiciously idle and empty (except for 3,000 life jackets and 3,000 blankets) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean but missed the rescue signal flares.[citation needed]

The U.S. Civil War mythology

An animated map showing the course of the American Civil War (1861–1865) and the borders of the states from 1860 to 1870.
   States of the Union
   Union Territories
   States of the Confederacy
   Territories of the Confederacy
Graph demonstrating increases in United States incarceration rate
{more details required}[citation needed]

Famous truther history-as-myth quotes

  • "Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep till noon."  — misattributed to Mark Twain,[WQ 1] originally from James Howell[WQ 2] as "He that hath once got the fame of an early riser, may sleep till noon."[68]
  • "History is written by the winners."  — misattributed to Churchill or Bismarck, originally from George Orwell[WQ 4]
    • "For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all Parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history."  — Winston Churchill
      This quote may be the basis for a statement often attributed to Churchill : "History will be kind to me. For I intend to write it."[WQ 5]
      • "Concerning the blunders which had been made in our foreign policy public opinion is, as a rule, first enlightened when it is in a position to look back upon the history of a generation, and the Achivi qui plectuntur are not always immediately contemporary with the mistaken actions."  — Otto von Bismarck[WQ 6]
      • "History is almost always written by the victors and conquerors and gives their viewpoint; or, at any rate, the victors' version is given prominence and holds the field."  — Jawaharlal Nehru[69]
  • "History would be a wonderful thing, if only it were true."  — Leo Tolstoy[WQ 7] (unsourced attribution as of 2016-08-18)
  • "I'm not a conspiracy theorist — I'm a conspiracy analyst."  — Gore Vidal[WQ 10]
    • "There will come a day where it is an article of faith to be an American to say that there are no conspiracy theories."  — Gore Vidal (originally, "Post-9/11, the American media were filled with pre-emptory denunciations of unpatriotic "conspiracy theorists", who not only are always with us but are usually easy for the media to discredit since it is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life."[70])
    • "Conspiracy theory has become a code word for the unspeakable truth."  — Gore Vidal (originally,"Apparently, "conspiracy stuff" is now shorthand for unspeakable truth."[70])
  • "When the facts change, I change my opinion."  — John Maynard Keynes (originally, "When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?"[WQ 13])
  • "You only take flak when you're over the target." (alternatively "If you're not catching flak, you're not over the target." or "You know you're over the target when you're catching flak.")  — (unsourced attribution as of 2016-12-07)
    • "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." ~ Benjamin Franklin[citation needed]
    • "I am a firm believer in the people... If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meed any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." ~ Abraham Lincoln[citation needed]
    • "History written by the victors/powerful" + Howard Zinn underdog perspective.[citation needed]

Why be a "truther"? & A Truther's Dilemma - Clean Up Work In Progress

Why be a "truther"?

9/11 Experts Speak features the documentary film "9/11: Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out, Final International Edition" supported by Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth,, and The 9/11 Truth Community. The film starts:

"Why revisit 9/11?  Our world changed that day.  2,744 lives lost in New York... and counting [not including first responders].  1 million lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq... and counting.  6,000 U.S. troops lost in the War on Terror... and counting.  $4.5 Trillion - War on Terror cost to US taxpayers... and counting.  Precious civil liberties removed by the Patriot Act [The USA Freedom Act (H.R. 2048, Pub.L. 114–23) is a U.S. law enacted on June 2, 2015 that restored in modified form several provisions of the Patriot Act, which had expired the day before.], Military Commissions Act, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), National Defense Authorization Act NDAA 2012, Today, Americans can be subject to search and seizure without a warrant, detained or imprisoned indefinitely, without charge, without evidence, without a lawyer, without a trial, or even tortured, or assassinated [or killed by drone], merely for being accused of being associated with terrorism.  Ignoring the World Trade Center evidence is no longer an option."

"A Truther's Dilemma"

A Truther's Dilemma

It's easy to:

  • be called a conspiracy theorist
  • be fooled
  • be lied to
  • see how God doesn't exist
  • sea how easily the sciences may be corrupted
  • see secret societies, agencies, militarys, think tanks, and private contractors are secretive
  • see governments corrupt, manipulate, lie, extort, exploit, and mass murder
  • see corporate media sells out, manipulates, distorts, lies, dogmatizes, propagandizes

It's not easy to:

  • give time and energy sift through endless layers of deception
  • convince a fool he's been fooled
  • convey authenticity to the world
  • battle establishment systems of hierarchical exploitation
  • battle social norms accepting a government monopoly on violence
  • battle social norms of manufactured consent
  • battle the corporatocracy media and interests

Understanding perception & manipulation & control - Clean Up Work In Progress

Understanding perception

Understanding manipulation

"Because I'm frustrated with all of this right now, so I now say, "Truthful, not neutral." There's a difference. Truthful is bringing the truth. Neutral can be creating a false equivalence."
~ Christiane Amanpour, CNN's Chief International Correspondent, on The Daily Show July 20, 2016.[71]

Understanding interests and control

  • government interests
  • government secrets
  • corporate mainstream media interests
  • corporate interests
  • elite interests
  • "national" interests
  • corporatocracy, oligarchy, and kakistocracy
  • Niccolò Machiavelli and Machiavellianism
  • monopoly on violence
  • media theory
  • propaganda
  • mind control
    • "It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled." ~ Mark Twain[citation needed]
    • Cognitive dissonance is when the official story and other sources do not match which leads to confusion, insecurity, vulnerability, fear, anxiety, denial, and unfounded faith.
    • Exceptionalism is a lack of humility, that it could happen in other countries but not here, is excessive pride, unable to see our dark side or weaknesses. From corruption to exploitation to domestic surveillance to police states to murder to war crimes to tyrannies to fascism to totalitarianism.
    • ---
  • social engineering the masses (ie controling education and universities, think tanks, the Tavistock Institute?, etc)
  • manufactured consent

History & lists - Clean Up Work In Progress

Historical context

Learning from history

"History rhymes" ~ George Lucas[citation needed]

List of pre-9/11 controversial alternative history

These are some of the pre-9/11 events, false flag events, secret government projects and covert operations, evidence of malevolent machinations, and other notable examples with skeptics that dispute the government and mainstream media accounts that Wikipedia policy considers "fringe".

~ YouTube videoID# o2kNfbquPpc "Academic Freedom Conference Holocaust, JFK, 9-11 -- Nicholas Kollerstrom" (2014-07-24) {Academic Freedom Conference 9-11, JFK and the Holocaust}

List of catalyzing events with "fringe" dispute and skepticism

Historical omissions

Whether it's manipulation, deception, or lying by omission, governments and corporate media have not been forthcoming. You may not know about:

Patterns & drills & conclusions & predictions & criticisms - Clean Up Work In Progress

Pattern recognition and forecasting

Drills, patterns, variations, and differences

Not every event is the same... Watch for and be alerted to...

Political and policy drifts and cycles

Just as economies peak and depress, just as capitalism relies on socialist bailouts, just as wars make money they also revitalize economies, so too...

Truther conclusions and predictions

Agenda 21, inch by inch, global death by a thousand cuts, ...

Truther constructive criticisms

Truther constructive criticisms (beyond pejorative and conspiracy theorist stereotypes...

"Truther" in corporate "mainstream" media

  • In the July 30, 2009 BBC's The Conspiracy Files, episode "7-7", the female narrator states, "There are others who doubt the official account. Bristol, one Saturday in July last year, around 60 people have come to a meeting arranged by the local branch of Britain's self-styled Truth Movement. ... For many here suspicion 7-7 could have been an inside job has been fueled by doubts about the 9/11 attacks."[75]
  • Among the Truthers, a 2011 book about conspiracy theories.
  • On the July 20, 2016 episode of the Comedy Central TV game show @midnight, to the question, "What's another thing Jeb Bush would change about his life if he could go back in time?" Chris D'Elia answered, "I'd go back to September 10th to take a picture in front of those buildings before my brother blew them up." (at 4m20s).

Work In Progress

Truther Glossary

Truthers frequently use shorthand political terms not used in common parlance. An informed truther will become familiar with most of these concepts:

geopolitics / globalism

mass mind control

notable historical & dystopian books:

secret ops / covert operation

New Glossary Terms To Integrate - Work-In-Progress
(~ @49m25s YouTube {Rachael L. McIntosh} 'WARNING Geoengineering - 5G = Ecogenocide Jolie Diane and Susan Clarke' (2017-06-22) [videoID#yW-C_WvDp_Y])
  • projecting the image of the military you want
  • "Support the troops" in an undemocratic institution that does not allow subordinates to question authority or morally resist evil orders from above.
  • Support the totalitarian undemocratic mindless amoral zombie robot mass murderers.
  • Support the troops, yet where have all the peace movements gone?
  • censored US soldier coffins
  • ---
  • Church Of Normies/Truthers
  • Normies/Truthers Party
  • Normies/Truthers Restaurant
(~ @4m25s YouTube {corbettreport} '#CreepyJoeBiden and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres -#NewWorldNextWeek' (201-.--.--) [videoID#jqrr5OHdiXs])
  • floating matrix = secret hierarchical network of limited need to know agents and assets
(~ @??? YouTube {Rachael L. McIntosh} 'CODY SNODGRES from Black Ops to Healer' (201-.--.--) [videoID#X3EuVoCr6o4])

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