Truther Top 20 Counter Points To The Official Holocaust Story

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Truther Top 20 Counter Points To The Official Holocaust Story (In no particular order.)
# Talking Points
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"Holocaust math" proves 6 million is an impossible number.

It takes several hours to cremate a human body of mostly water, so maybe 6 bodies a day, in 54 crematoria, for 365 days per year, for 3.5 years from 1941-1945 = 431,910, maximum. Not 6,000,000.

The mythical 6 million number existed long before either World War, back into the 1800's, and even official monuments only list the number of concentration slave/work-camps (not "death-camps") casualties as well under 300,000, including non-Jews such as Blacks, Jehovah's Witnesses, pacifists, communists, anarchists, artists, critics, etc.

The German guards and soldiers were also severely malnourished as supply lines were cut limiting food and fuel (to waste burning corpses?).

A short documentary on multiple newspaper sources citing the 6 million figure BEFORE 1938 "SIX MILLION Js" by I-Rabbi-T, 2019-12-31.
Show notes: " This is documented, printed & time-stamped proof of the 'legendary' fabricated mythical figure of the fantastic number of Six Million. They love this number and they invented it - and even the word 'extermination'. "

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The world's core Jewish population was estimated at 14,511,000 in April 2018, up from 14.41 million in 2016.

The story of 17 million down to 11 million during World War II is perpetually pushed by Zionist Jewish owned corporate media who are far from reliable sources.

"Say a big enough lie often enough, and people will start to believe it."

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History is written by the winners (according to Napoleon, Churchill, Orwell, Dan Brown, etc.) so the victors come out how they wish to be remembered.[citation needed]

The victors also excuse their own countless war crimes (ie. Dresden Firestorm) and ignore their own concentration camps in the USA and Canada of innocent peaceful Japanese legal citizens who were robbed of their homes and belongings.

Zionists dominate corrupt Washington D.C., banksters' Wall Street, and Hollywood propaganda, therefor deniers of these facts aren't truthers, they're liars.

Nazi Myths.jpg

The modern Holocaust mythology has grown only since the 1970s as Hollywood began to embrace victimhood and exploit their purported tragedy above all others (and use it and "anti-Semitism" as an excuse to cover war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the state of Israel, among many other things).[citation needed]

[citation needed] Hollywood Holocaust.jpg

The rigged reparations scam.

Jews were not the only ones placed in concentration slave/work-camps (not "death-camps") including non-Jews such as Blacks, Jehovah's Witnesses, pacifists, communists, anarchists, artists, critics, etc. and they suffered unjust casualties too but do not receive reparations.

The Dresden Firestorm, a blatant war crime violation, wiped out the entire city and yet no reparations are given to the survivors.

Russia sacrificed 20 million people to win World War II with help from the UK and USA and significant losses of their own, and yet no reparations are given to their survivors.

Beyond the World War II event, countless genocides, enslaved races, and aboriginal Holocausts have also occurred without sufficient token reparations. This gig is rigged.[citation needed]

[citation needed]

The "death camps" were actually slave/work camps. Shipping the Jews long distances in trains, shaving them, tattooing them, clothing them, and feeding them rations - just to kill them? No, they were slaves for the work camps. Lice, sanitation, food, resources, and fuel were huge wartime issues. As was the need for human labour.

[citation needed]
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Burning the corpses in ovens suffices to remove a few diseased bodies, while also being a destruction of evidence towards determining an actual body count (convenient and/or inconvenient for either side). However, wartime fuel scarcity makes it exceptionally impractical where a large ditch with lime would easily suffice and conserve resources.

[citation needed]
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There are an infinite number of far more efficient and discrete ways of secretly murdering vast masses of people. They could have locked them in train cars and simply left them somewhere remote for a week without food, water, or warmth, (or sooner if they could seal off external air and/or just smoke them to death), to then grind their bodies up in a riverside watermill to flush the evidence away. Conveyor belts might have been handy to move bodies from train cars to the grinder. Of course the so-called gas showers didn't have conveyor belts. They didn't have drop chutes to slide the corpses to the ovens either.

Did the Nazis use wheelbarrows? Did the wheelbarrows fit through all the doors and never leave marks on the door frames for 6 million corpses?[citation needed] That's not part of the narrative and questioning it is anti-Semitic.

[citation needed]
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" Certain interest groups invest so much time, effort, and resources into controlling the minds of the public.
A great example if this is the number of Holocaust museums that have been built in the US [to convince the public of exaggerations and lies].
It didn't happen here and the Jewish community is integrated into US society.
So why do virtually all school children need to go on Holocaust museum tours?
Why are people viciously attacked for asking simple questions? "[1]

[citation needed]
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Well known evil Nazi scientists and doctors, many of whom experimented on human subjects, were imported to North America via Operation Paperclip. Some went on to found NASA while others went on to torture civilians in the USA and Canada for the CIA's MK ULTRA program. They were talented prizes fought for by the Anglo nations and Russian victors.

Was it worse when the Nazis were over there or over here?

[citation needed]
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The so called human-skin lamps and shrunken heads have been mysteriously lost in time[citation needed] so no one can DNA test the lamp shades, nor the shrunken heads with Polynesian features shrunk in a South Pacific style.[citation needed]

[citation needed]
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Probing the Holocaust, The Horror Explained, documentary and article, by Germar Rudolf, also available in German, 2017-12-16,

Discussed at

[citation needed]
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Holocaust Deprogramming Course

" Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about “Six Million” Jews “gassed” in “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms” "

[citation needed]
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Judea Declares War On Germany - Daily Express, 1933-03-24.

"Fourteen million Jews dispersed throughout the world have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists. Sectional differences have been submerged in one common aim - to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised [sic] by Hitlerist anti-semitism [sic], and to compel Fascist Germany to end its campaign of violence and suppression directed against its Jewish minority."

[citation needed]
Judea Declares War On Germany - Daily Express, 1933-03-24.jpg
015 [citation needed]
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016 [citation needed]
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017 [citation needed]
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018 [citation needed]
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019 [citation needed]
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Worse is how many Germans were rounded up and massacred AFTER the war.

[citation needed]
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