Truther Top 20 False Flags In Movies And Television

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Truther Top 20 False Flags In Movies And Television

Truther Top 20 False Flags In Movies And Television (Alphabetical)
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Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal.jpg

This "False Flags In Movies And Television" list was posted on years ago by User:JasonCarswell with unverified additions from some folks. Some of WatchMojo suggestions were off target so now there's a brief list of what are not false flags but are similar.

It's now openly editable by InfoGalaxians and has been posted on SaidIt and if they do not edit this page directly they may comment on SaidIt and eventually it can be transcribed here.


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To avoid confusion about what a false flag is, this is a short list of what are NOT False Flags but could be combined with other factors.

  • An authentic attack, even if lured, pressured, or forced.
    Pearl Harbor was authentically attacked by the Japanese and was not a false flag.
    The contrasting 9/11 event was orchestrated by inside Western-Zionist cabals and it was a false flag because authorities blamed the profoundly criminal event on just 19 fringe-extremist hijackers, 15 of which were Saudis, meanwhile they returned with full-scale warfare upon the entire nations of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq who had nothing to do with any of it.
  • black op, a top secret black operation may or may not utilize false flags as part of their cover.
  • Confidence rackets are not necessarily false flags, but it is deception to scam or fraud, a similar circumstance where something is not as it appears nor as sold/told to be.
    Confidence (2003 film)
    The Sting, 1973
  • covert op
  • deception, lies, fake news, etc.
  • decoy, bait, bait and switch, etc.
  • disguises, false identities, wearing enemy uniforms, impostors, proxies, etc
    Ocean's Eleven, 2001
    The Princess Bride (film), 1987, the Dread Pirate Roberts is and is not who he claims, simultaneously.
    Star Wars IV A New Hope, 1977, Luke and Han dress as storm trooper, a disguise in an enemy uniform to penetrate enemy territory, is similar to a false flag but he does not do any action and then blame it on storm troopers.
  • False accusations are not necessarily false flags.
    Star Trek, S01E20 "Court Martial" (1967-02-02), In the "Court Martial" episode Captain Kirk is falsely accused of killing Ben Finney.
  • heist, robbery, theft, etc.
    Ocean's (film series), 2001-2007 trilogy and Ocean's 8, 2018[citation needed]
  • hoax
  • illusion, slight of hand, tricks, etc.
  • psy-op, a psychological operation, may or may not use false flags.

# Images Title Year(s) Notes
Blue Thunder.jpg
Blue Thunder 1983 @ 1h38m+ explained: Watching a video made earlier, the news man sums it up, "the cops and feds are stirring up trouble at an event so they can call in the military chopper."
Braveheart imp.jpg
Braveheart 1995 @ 58m+ In orange tunics and chainmail a "returning patrol" enters an English fort and with heads down they only reveal their faces a stride away from unprepared soldiers who are handily assaulted and dispatched by William Wallace (Mel Gibson) with Scottish tribesmen infiltrators.
Edge of Darkness the Movie poster.jpg
Edge Of Darkness 2010 The first instance: Mel Gibson's murdered daughter uncovered a conspiracy of private American energy company secretly illegally manufacturing weapons that will not be traceable as American - to be used and blamed on foreign entities.

The second instance: 1h42m to 1h45m features a scene where 4 men discuss how they will cover-up with convoluted distractions and complications.

Elementary intertitle.png
Elementary (TV series) - S05E23 "Scrambled" @28m28s-30m07s 2016-2017 False flag = The "S.B.K." street gang is secretly run by an allegedly estranged brother who had a public falling out, likely staged.
Open Iconic circle check.svg
False Flag (TV series) 2015-present An Israeli television thriller drama series
Fight Club poster.jpg
Fight Club 1999 @ 1:15:47-1:19:03 - Punches self and blackmails to get off work yet still get paid.
Game of Thrones title card.jpg
Game Of Thrones (TV series) 2011-2019 Tyrion is falsely-flagged as Bran's attempted murderer then again as Geoffrey's killer.

Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie. They were in love and married, not kidnapped and raped.

Hidden agenda ver1.jpg
Hidden Agenda 1990 An American journalist is assassinated in Belfast, Ireland by British police but it's covered up and blamed on the IRA (based on several similar true events).
Homeland (TV series) 2011-present [citation needed]
Iron Man 3 theatrical poster.jpg
Iron Man 3 2013 The renowned ex-Texan/middle-eastern terrorist/teacher known as the Mandarin is actually a British actor executing a psychological operation upon the public as "an ultimate modern terrorist" put together by the AIM think tank (manifesting demand for their terror combat weapons. "You simply rule from behind the scenes."
Master and Commander-The Far Side of the World poster.png
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003 @ 40m+ A makeshift decoy is built to set afloat at night with a lantern to trick the enemy into following it rather than HMS Surprise. A decoy is deception but is not a false flag.

@ 1h42m+ The "HMS Surprise" British war ship becomes the "Syren" whaler by changing their appearance with civilian wardrobe, fabric coverings over the bowsprit and figurehead, a new paint job on the stern, literally raising a false flag, and making black smoke (as if they were processing a whale) luring the "Acheron" French frigate close to be catch it off guard.

Mission impossible ghost protocol.jpg
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 2011 @31m15s A bomb at the Russian Kremlin is blamed on a gas leak accident.

@37m15s-37m49s News reports state, "...may not have been an accident, but a targeted attack. ... While Russian officials continue to blame a gas-main break, experts are citing the shape of the blast area and the size of the debris field as more consistent with that of a set explosive, leading to speculation that this may have been an undeclared act of aggression. Although the Defense Ministry is maintaining that this is strictly an accident..."

Pirates of the Caribbean - video game cover.png
Pirates of the Caribbean (video game) 2003 [citation needed]

In the Pirates Of The Caribbean: New Horizons, a 2003 video game?

Scooby-Doo 1969-1970 [citation needed]

Scooby-Doo Hoax

Sherlock holmes ver5.jpg
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

2009 / 2011 [citation needed]
Star Trek VI-poster.png
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1991 [citation needed]
Rogue One, A Star Wars Story poster.png
Star Wars Rogue One 2016 Having destroyed Jeda city Darth Vader tells his minions to report that it was a mining accident to the council. This is a classic false flag lie by the evil powers that be.
Terminator (franchise logo).svg
Terminator (franchise) 1984-2019 In the Terminator franchise the sentient AI Skynet triggers a nuclear Armageddon by launching a nuclear attack on Russia, who retaliates with a nuclear attack on NATO, allowing the machines to take over the ruined world.
The Fourth Protocol (movie poster).jpg
The Fourth Protocol 1987 @ 0:31:10 quote "The false flag recruitment (double agent Russian acting as South African anti-communist agent)..."

"In 1968, an East-West agreement is established to halt nuclear proliferation. One of its clauses, the Fourth Protocol, forbids the non-conventional delivery of a nuclear weapon to a target."
KGB officer Major Valeri Petrofsky (Pierce Brosnan) is sent on a mission to the United Kingdom – to violate the Fourth Protocol by assembling and detonating an atomic device as a false flag, to appear to be an American nuclear accident at a nearby military base, intended to strain British-US relations and strengthen the anti-nuclear movement in advance of an election in favour of the Soviet Union.

Poster of the movie The Little Drummer Girl.jpg
The Little Drummer Girl 1984 As Charlie delivers the briefcase to the "peacenik" target, Professor Minkel, the Mossad, who have been monitoring the situation, have the briefcase whisked away by a man in a bomb suit. Charlie returns to Khalil, and they drive away after the large building explosion that she knows is a false flag event harming no one, although the evening news reports casualties to fool Khalil. He is not easily disarmed, however, and fails to fall asleep as planned. He grows suspicious by the extreme quiet around their country refuge.
The Little Drummer Girl titlecard.JPG
The Little Drummer Girl (miniseries) 2018 [citation needed]

(If this miniseries follows the book and the 1984 movie, then there should be a false flag within.)

Tomorrow Never Dies (UK cinema poster).jpg
Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 [citation needed]

(James Bond film)

Wag The Dog Poster.jpg
Wag the Dog 1997 [citation needed]

A farcical look at crisis management, spin, manufactured events, predictive programming, and propaganda.

Watchmen film poster.jpg
Watchmen 2009 [citation needed]
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