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TS2 Satellite Technologies
Industry Telecommunication
Genre Corporate histories
Founded Warsaw, Poland (2004 (2004))
Founder Marcin Frackiewicz
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Products VSAT, Satellite internet
Services Satellite communication
Website www.ts2.pl

TS 2 is an Internet Provider for US Army soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of all active customers are Polish and US Army soldiers, but TS 2 solutions have been implemented also for private companies and organizations. TS 2' network in Iraq and Afghanistan has over 15 thousand military users of local broadband satellite connections. [1]

TS2 also delivers telecommunication services for Iraq-based Police Transition Teams.

Military customers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Before end of 2007 year, the TS 2 solutions have been implemented for numerous NATO military entities.

In 2009 TS 2 began advertising satellite Internet services for the US Marine Corps in Afghanistan.


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