UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

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UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
File:UAE Healthy Kidney 10K 2007.jpg
The mass run in Central Park in 2007
Date Mid-May
Location New York City, United States
Event type Road
Distance 10 kilometers
Established 2005
Official site UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

The UAE Healthy Kidney 10K is an annual road running event over 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) that takes place in May in New York City in the United States. The event features both an elite-level men's race and a general mass race for fun runners. Almost 8000 runners take part in the event each year.[1] Its course is situated entirely within Manhattan's Central Park. It is one of two major annual 10K races held at the venue by the New York Road Runners Club, alongside the women-only New York Mini 10K.[2]

The event was launched in May 2005 by New York Road Runners with the sponsorship of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a former president of the country, received treatment and a kidney transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in 2000.[3] He lived until November 2004 and the event was created in his honour soon after, with proceeds from the race going towards the National Kidney Foundation.[4][5]

The course for the race is a single-looped circuit on the paths and roads within the park, comprising a little over one full lap of the park in a clockwise direction. Runners start in the south-west corner of Central Park, heading north past Sheep Meadow and The Ramble and Lake via West Park Drive. It loops southwards past Harlem Meer at the 5 km (3-mile) mark and goes south on East Park Drive, passing the Reservoir and Great Lawn and Turtle Pond. The course reaches the 5-mile mark just before Central Park's Bandshell. Runners turn back north after Wollman Rink, reach the 6-mile mark at the start line, then cross the finish line near the Tavern on the Green.[6]

The first two editions of the men's race were won by Craig Mottram.[7] Dathan Ritzenhein became the first American to win the race and Patrick Makau became the first African the year after.[8][9] Ethiopians Tadese Tola and Gebre Gebremariam ran course records under 28 minutes to win in 2009 and 2010.[10][11] The 10K world record holder Leonard Patrick Komon set the current record at 27:35 minutes in 2011.[12] The event does not actively invite an elite women's field, due to the proximity of June's New York Mini 10K women's race, but elite level female athletes who are resident in the area typically take part.[2] Ethiopia's Bizunesh Deba holds the women's course record of 33:09 minutes, set in 2010.[13]

Past winners

File:Craig Mottram Valence 2008.jpg
Australia's Craig Mottram won the first two races.

Key:       Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2005  Craig Mottram (AUS) 28:27.3  Alemtsehay Misganaw Abate (ETH) 35:10
2nd 2006  Craig Mottram (AUS) 28:13  Alemtsehay Misganaw Abate (ETH) 34:48
3rd 2007  Dathan Ritzenhein (USA) 28:07.2  Alemtsehay Misganaw Abate (ETH) 35:31
4th 2008  Patrick Makau Musyoki (KEN) 28:18.4  Aziza Aliyu Abate (ETH) 33:32
5th 2009  Tadese Tola (ETH) 27:48  Aziza Aliyu Abate (ETH) 33:38
6th 2010  Gebre Gebremariam (ETH) 27:42  Bizunesh Deba (ETH)


7th 2011  Leonard Patrick Komon (KEN) 27:35  Bizunesh Deba (ETH) 33:39
8th 2012  Daniele Meucci (ITA) 28:28  Bekelech Bedada (ETH) 34:54
9th 2013  Leonard Patrick Komon (KEN) 27:58  Aziza Aliyu Abate (ETH) 34:34
10th 2014  Stephen Sambu (KEN) 27:39  Joyce Chepkirui (KEN) 31:17

Race finishers

Year Total No. of
2014 7,976 3,864
2013 5,851 2,723
2012 7918 3737
2011  ?  ?
2010 7839 3726
2009 7967 3789
2008 6273 2835
2007 5418 2331
2006 4753 2164
2005 4146 1811


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