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USA Radio Network is an American mass media company, specializing in long-form spoken word (talk radio) and radio newscast production and distribution, with a generally conservative and Christian focus. In October 2015, Anthem Broadcasting acquired the USA Radio Network. Anthem Broadcasting LLC, is a subsidiary of the Phoenix based media company Liftable Media Inc.

USA Radio Networks produces and distributes 24-hour news, news/talk, information, opinion and talk/entertainment radio programming to approximately 1,100 radio stations around the world on two full-time satellite channels and through various digital protocol systems. It is of no relation to NBCUniversal Cable's USA Network.


USA Radio Network was established in 1985 by the late Marlin Maddoux. Maddoux had hosted his own local conservative news talk program, Point of View, in Dallas, Texas since 1972. In 1982, the program began broadcasting nationwide on the Satellite Radio Network.

Mr. Maddoux identified the need for a national news service for radio stations not served by the major networks. The newly chartered USA Radio Network went on the air with its first newscast via satellite on September 15, 1985.

Maddoux died on March 4, 2004. His program, Point of View, continued on the USA Radio Network for several years afterward with other hosts.

In 2008, USA Radio Network merged its corporate structure under Larry Bates of Memphis, Tennessee with Information Radio Network, a network with a more alternative focus, with programming on the two networks remaining separate. The combined company was known as IRN/USA Radio Network; the old IRN became IRN/USA-1, and the two existing USA Radio Network channels became channels 2 and 3. IRN/USA Radio Network went into receivership in 2013 due to legal issues of its sister company First American Monetary Consultants. [1] Cross Platform Media took over day-to-day management of the network under the direction of the courts until Cross Platform purchased it from receivership in September 2014.

Cross Platform Media immediately removed the IRN moniker, shut down all of IRN's programming, and relaunched the original USA Radio Network brand as their first step in an aggressive revitalization program that included overhauling USA's mainstay program, USA Radio News and rebuilding its programming lineup. Sam Hassell and Cross Platform's COO, Sherrie Roberts, brought Tim Maranville on board as Chief Content Officer to oversee the programming content and technology development.

Russ Jones stepped in as Senior Vice President and News Director to oversee the 24-hour news department. One of his first moves was to open a Middle East News Bureau in Jerusalem. Jones, along with Maranville, implemented proprietary news production protocols and hired experience anchors and reporters to write and host the news and to launch and maintain its new web presence USA Headline News.

On October 9, 2015, Liftable Media, a company that specializes in conservative news websites, acquired USA Radio Networks from Cross Platform Media. [2] Shortly after the sale, Chief Content Officer Tim Maranville sued Cross Platform Media seeking back wages for himself and his wife, who was also employed by Cross Platform. [3] On October 15, Liftable hired former nationally-syndicated conservative talk show host Rusty Humphries as Senior Vice President of Programming. [4]


In early 2014 USA added The Steve Deace Show to its lineup, a program previously based in Iowa. Among other shows added to the show under Cross Platform Media's ownership were Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, The Kevin Anderson Show, The Real Side with Joe Messina, and American Continues with Jim Sharpe and former Bush administration appointee Cherylyn Harley LeBon.

Daybreak USA is the station's long-running morning news magazine. Among the numerous programs on USA Radio Network that predate the Cross Platform Media acquisition include a conservative talk show hosted by Laurie Roth, a weekend general-interest and comedy talk program hosted by Ron Seggi, the computer-oriented Cyberline with Mick Williams, children's programs such as Treehouse One, Bible's Greatest Heroes and America's Greatest Heroes, and Golden Age of Radio Theatre, an anthology of old-time radio recordings.


The USA Radio Network distributes its programming via satellite. The USA Radio Network holds 3 satellite channels. The first channel (the former Information Radio Network feed) is located aboard the SES S.A. AMC-8 satellite located at 139° west longitude and utilizes the StarGuide Satellite Transmission System; when it was in use, this channel was obtained through ABC Satellite Services.

The remaining two channels are aboard the SES Americoms AMC-3 Satellite located at 87° west longitude and utilizes a DVB MPEG-2 Compliant technology.


  • 2002 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Best Major Market Newscast
  • 2004 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Editorial or Commentary
  • 2004 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Best Major Market Newscast
  • 2005 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Best Major Market Newscast
  • 2005 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Editorial or Commentary
  • 2005 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Specialty Reporting
  • 2006 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Best Major Market Newscast
  • 2006 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Best Major Documentary
  • 2006 Press Club of Dallas Katie award for Editorial or Commentary
  • 2007 National Religious Broadcasters award for Best News Format
  • Recipient of Associated Press Mark Twain Award for Outstanding achievement in cooperative news coverage.


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