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Hund is a small village in Swabi district, situated on the right bank of the Indus River about 15 km upstream of Attock Fort and at a distance of about 80 km to the east of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, of Pakistan. It was the site of Alexander the Great's crossing of the Indus and an important site of Gandhara ruins.[1]

Hund was the last capital of Gandhara under the Hindu Shahi rulers until the beginning of 11th century AD. when Mahmud of Ghazna defeated Anandapala, the last Hindu Shahi ruler in Gandhara. The Hindu Shahi capital was then shifted to Nandana in the Salt Range.[2] It has also been said that the Mongol invader Changez Khan (Genghis Khan) also followed Khwarzim Shah up to Hund, before the prince jumped into the Indus River on his way to India.

Hund is also said to be the site of Khwarazm Shah's Army's last stand against Genghis Khan. The settlements of Balar Khel are mainly in villages Zaida, Maini, Yaqubi, Yarhussain, Hund, Ambar, Lahor, Kaddi and Panj Pir in Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. Juna Khel Mardan , Gumbat. Taus Khel Mardan , Gumbat The village is inhibited by maily Khans (not actually pathans), Mians (The Honorable SYEDS) Habib khel, Awan, Mollas, and other small tribes. the only pathan family belongs to Balar Khel co-mixed with Habib Khel. In vill Hund Balar Khel family is traced back to MAJOR Muhammad Imran brother of Qamar Zaman and Mufti Fazal e Rabbi, all s/o Qareeb ur Rehman s/o Fazal Dad Khan s/o Khan Bahadur Khan, s/o Bostan Khan s/o Ayaz Khan. These were the chieftains and Land Lords of village Hund until British came in power in subcontinent and there majority of land was snatched from them and handed over to British Blue eyed people who were not even residents of the area during life time of Khan Bahadur Khan chiftain of Balar khel. The new settlers now land lords of the area adopted the title of KHAN and became the influential of area because of British Patronage and support. In order to serve their British Masters they ( Khadi khan from the family of new settlers)later on conspired and cheated Shah Ismail Shaheed and Shah Wali Ullah Rehmat Ullah Alai when they wanted to attack Marhatas across river Hund commonly known as Abaseen in vill pori Chach.

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