Ulick Ruadh Burke

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Ulick Ruadh Burke, 5th lord of Clanricarde, died 1485.

Annalistic reference

  • 1452. More, daughter of O'Conor Faly, and wife of Mac William of Clanrickard. died of a fall.
  • 1462. An army was led by Mac William of Clanrickard into Hy-Cairin, where O'Meagher, i.e. Teige, and his confederates, rose up to oppose him. The son of O'Meagher slew William Burke, the son of Mac William, by one cast of a javelin; and it was this cast that saved O'Meagher and his army. This O'Meagher, Chief of Hy-Cairin, died a short time afterwards, and his son assumed his place.
  • M1466.15. Rickard, the son of Mac William Burke, i.e. the son of Richard Oge, Tanist of Clanrickard, died.
  • M1467.19. O'Kelly and the sons of William Burke were defeated at CrosMoighe-Croin, by Mac William of Clanrickard, and by the O'Briens. William Caech Burke, the son of Mac William, two sons of O'Kelly, Hugh Boy, son of Turlough Mac Donnell, Constable of their Gallowglasses, and ten of the gentlemen of the Clann-Donnell who were along with him, were slain in the conflict. One hundred and sixty gallowglasses, and numbers of others, were also slain. O'Donnell i.e. Hugh Roe, son of Niall Garv, went to Connaught, to take revenge for this defeat, for Mac William and O'Kelly were his friends and confederates. He forced the Clanrickards to make peace, and then returned home in safety.
  • M1468.3. O'Rourke, Tiernan Oge, the son of Teige, worthy Lord of the Hy-Briuin, and of all the race of Aedhe-Finn, died, after having overcome the world and the Devil; and Donnell, the son of Teige O'Rourke, was elected in his place by O'Donnell and his other friends. But the descendants of Tiernan, the son of Tiernan More, son of Ualgarg, unjustly rose up against him Donnell, the son of Tiernan More; and they themselves, and the people of Carbury, and the Clann-Donough, inaugurated Donough Losc, the son of Tiernan More. O'Donnell, when he had heard of this, crossed the Erne with a numerous army, and destroyed Lower Connaught. He seized on great spoils in the east of Tir-Fiachrach of Cuil-Cnamha and Coillte-Luighne, which spoils he afterwards carried home. Mac William Oughter, i.e. Ulick, son of Ulick-an-Fhiona, and O'Conor Don, with the English and Irish forces of both, marched to the relief of Lower Connaught; and they burned the town of O'Rourke. But this was all the good they did; and they returned home without battle or booty.
  • M1469.19. A great army was mustered by O'Donnell (Hugh Roe), with the chiefs of Tirconnell, joined by the rising out of Lower Connaught, and marched, without halting, until he reached Mac William Burke i.e. Richard, the son of Edmond, who came with submission to O'Donnell. These chieftains afterwards held a consultation, and resolved on marching against Mac William of Clanrickard (Ulick, son of Ulick-an-Fhiona), to wreak their vengeance on him for the defeat of Cros-Moighe-Croinn, which Mac William of Clanrickard had some time before given to Mac William Burke; and being unanimous on this resolution, they proceeded into Clanrickard. Machaire-Riabhach was the first place burned and destroyed by them. They were for a night encamped at Baile-an-Chlair, the town of Mac William, which they afterwards burned; and they continued for some time destroying and laying waste the country on every side. Mac William (i.e. Ulick), however, drew and gathered to his assistance the sons of O'Brien, i.e. Gilla-Duv, the son of Teige, and Murtough Garv, the son of Teige, and a body of the Dalcassian chieftains along with them. Mac William, with his own troops and muster, came up with O'Donnell as he was leaving the country; and Mac William's cavalry and the O'Briens made the first charge on the rear of O'Donnell's army, at Baile-an-Duibh. This was vigorously responded to by O'Donnell's cavalry, and in particular by Egneghan, the son of Naghtan O'Donnell, who was in the rear of O'Donnell's army, so that the cavalry of Mac William and of the O'Briens were finally defeated ; and Donnell, the son of O'Conor of Corcomroe, and many others not enumerated, were slain on the occasion. Mac William and the O'Briens, however, rallied their forces, and, placing themselves in array and order, they pursued with one accord the army of O'Donnell. This, however, was of no profit to them, for O'Donnell's army wheeled round on Mac William's and the O'Briens' cavalry at the river which is called Glanog, and there routed them again; and the defeated left many men, horses, and things of value, behind them, and fled in an inglorious retreat This was called The Defeat of Glanog.
  • M1475.16. The castle of Caladh was taken by Mac William of Clanrickard, and delivered up to the son of Melaghlin O'Kelly, who was the son of his Mac William's own daughter.
  • M1485.4. Ulick Burke, 5th Lord of Clanrickard, heir of the Earl of Ulster, a general patron of the learned of Ireland, died; and his son, another Ulick, took his place. An army was led by this son into Machaire-Chonnacht, and into Hy-Many, and burned and destroyed corn and towns; and, among other things, he burned and demolished the castle of Tulsk, and the prison.

Family tree

  Ulick Ruadh Burke, d. 1485
   |                      |                        |                        |                 |
   |                      |                        |                        |                 |
   Edmund, d. 1486.   Ulick Fionn       Meiler, Abbot of Tuam      John, d. 1508.  Richard Óge, d. 1519.
   |                      |                                                                   |
   |                      |_______________________________________________________            |_________________
   Ricard, d. c. 1517.    |                          |              |            |            |                |
   |                      |                          |              |            |            |                |
   |                   Ulick Óge, d. 1519.  Richard Mór   Redmond   Richard Bacach    Ulick, d. 1551.        Thomas
   John, fl. 1536.                                   |                           |            |                |
                                                     |                           |            |                |
                                                Ulick na gCeann         Roland, Bp. Clonfert. Thomas Balbh  John of Derrymaclaghtna
                                                     |                         died 1580                       |
                          ___________________________|_____________________________                            |
                          |                    |     |               |             |                       Ricard, d. 1593.
                          |                    |     |               |             |                           |
                         Richard Sassanach   John  Thomas Feranta  Edmond   Redmond na Scuab         (Burke of Derrymaclaghtna)
                          | d. 1582.                 d. 1546.                  d. 1596.
                      Earl of Clanricarde


  • M1567.7. John Burke, son of John, who was son of John-na-bhfiacal, son of Ulick Roe, was killed by some peasants and spiteful labourers belonging to the Earl of Clanrickard.
  • 1572.5. John; the son of Thomas, son of Richard Oge, son of Ulick Roe, son of Ulick of the Wine, was drowned in the River Suck.
Preceded by
William mac Ulick Burke
Succeeded by
Ulick Fionn Burke

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