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An Undie Run is an event where a large number of people disrobe until they are only wearing underwear, and then run. The site of Undie Runs are typically college campuses, but they may occur on other sites such as streets.[1] Undie Runs may be purely for entertainment, a form of protest, or as with the ASU Undie Run, fund-raising for charitable purposes.[2] It is reported that the Guinness Book of World Records considers the Undie Run that took place on September 24, 2011, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States to have had a record number of participants.[2][3] There were 2,270 participants in that Undie Run, which was held to protest Utah's conservative laws.[2][3] COED Magazine, a magazine in the United States marketed to college students, has reported that Undie Runs are the "number one university sanctioned event".[4]


One of the earliest known Undie Runs was started by student Eric Whitehead[5] at UCLA in the fall of 2001.[6]

Universities in the United States with Undie Run traditions


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