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Uniform Symbology, in the context of European financial markets, refers to a recent (started Oct. 2008) effort by European markets to adopt a common scheme to refer to securities ("symbols"). The original announcement reads as follows:

In order to facilitate orderly and efficient trading of securities across multiple markets, the founders of the Committee on Uniform Symbology (BATS Europe, Chi-X Europe and NASDAQ OMX Europe) agreed to create and adopt a common securities symbology to uniformly identify securities traded across Europe. A committee was formed for the purpose of which was to create, maintain and modify as necessary the uniform methodology for securities symbology (Uniform Symbology) to be applied to the securities and to develop and use the Uniform Symbology in furtherance of the committee’s aims and objectives. Since the founding of the Committee on Uniform Symbology other members have joined including: Turquoise, NYSE Euronext and QUOTE MTF.

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Symbology Algorithm

The Uniform Symbology Algorithm is designed to be human readable, fit into 6 characters, have no symbol clashes and where possible, be derivable from another, freely available code.

It will consist of a stock code followed by a single, lower case letter designating the primary listing exchange.

The stock code will be derived from the “local code” published by the primary exchange. These will be truncated where necessary.

If the local code contains a single letter class designator of A through Z (e.g. “STE A”) then the single letter class designator shall be retained and the code will be truncated to a maximum of 4 characters, plus the single letter class (A through Z) designator. For some Nordic stocks the share designator will be prefixed with “SDB” (e.g. “SDBA”). In this case the “SDB” should be removed and the single letter class (A through Z) designator will be retained.

Any codes containing spaces, periods, underscores or second words (other than the single letter class (A through Z) described above) will be truncated at the space, period, etc.

All remaining non-alphanumeric characters should be removed.

Stock Code Truncation Examples

Local Code Truncated Local Code Notes
NDA SEK NDA “ SEK” Removed.
MAERSK B MAERB “MAERSK” Truncated to “MAER”, “B” retained.
ASSA B ASSAB “ ” removed, “B” retained.
ATCO A ATCOA “ ” removed, “A” retained.
ATCO B ATCOB A/B share distinction retained.
BP. BP “.” Removed.
BT.A BT “.A” Truncated.
F&C FC “&” removed
Y&Z B YZB “&” removed, “ “ removed, “B” retained
TWW SDBB TWWB “ “ removed, “SDB” removed, “B” retained

Market codes by market centre (including examples)

Note that in some cases a market code suffix is shared by multiple listing markets. For example, the letter "y" is used for stocks listed on the Athens, Cyprus and Malta exchanges.

Market Centre MIC[1] Market Code Sample Local Code Sample Uniform Symbology Code Sample Company Name RIC Suffix[2]
Copenhagen Stock Exchange XCSE c DANSK DANSKc Danske Bank Ord CO
Deutsche Borse/Germany XETR d EXS1 EXS1d iShares DAX ETF DE
Euronext Amsterdam XAMS a HEIA HEIAa Heineken AS
Euronext Brussels XBRU b INB INBb INBEV BR
Euronext Paris XPAR p RNO RNOp Renault PA
Euronext Lisbon/Portugal XLIS u ALTR ALTRu ALTRI SGPS LS
Bucharest Stock Exchange XBSE f AMO AMOf Amonil SA
Bulgaria Stock Exchange XBUL f 5BT 5BTf Vivacom
NASDAQ OMX Vilnius/Lithuania XLIT f AGP1L AGP1Lf Alita Group AB
NASDAQ OMX Riga/Latvia XRIS f GRZ1R GRZ1Rf Grobina
NASDAQ OMX Tallinn/Estonia XTAL f PRF1T PRF1Tf Premia Foods AS
Helsinki Stock Exchange XHEL h NOK1V NOK1Vh Nokia HE
Irish Stock Exchange XDUB i GNC GNCi Greencore Group plc I
Prague Stock Exchange XPRA k BOREY BOREY Borealis Exploration
London Stock Exchange XLON l VOD VODl Vodafone Group Ord L
Madrid/Spain (Espana) XMCE e COL COLe INMOB Colonial MC
Borsa Italiana/Milan XMIL m SPM SPMm Saipem MI
USA Securities/New York n QQQQ QQQQn Powershares QQQ
Oslo Stock Exchange XOSL o NHY NHYo Norsk Hydro OL
PLUS-SX Stock Exchange/London XPLU q AFC AFCq Arsenal Holdings plc
Reykjavik, Iceland XICE r OSSR OSSRr Ossur Ord
Stockholm Stock Exchange XSTO s VOLB VOLBs Volvo B Ord ST
Budapest Stock Exchange XBUD t OTP OTPt OTP Bank PLC
Ljubljana Stock Exchange/Slovenia XLJU t ABKN ABKNt Abanka Vipa DD
Bratislava Stock Exchange/Slovakia XBRA t 1PRV001E 1SEA0t Semat AS
Vienna Stock Exchange XWBO v VIG VIGv Vienna Insurance Group VI
Warsaw Stock Exchange XWAR w TPE TPEw TAURON PE WA
BATS Chi-X Europe RIE CHIX x IEEM IEEMl iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF CHI
Luxembourg Stock Exchange XLUX x BIP BIPx BIP Investment Partners
Athens Stock Exchange XATH y INTET INTETy Intertech SA
Cyprus Stock Exchange XCYS y SEAS SEASy Sea Star Capital
Malta Stock Exchange XMAL y HSB HSBy HSBC Bank Malta PLC
Swiss Exchange/Zurich(blue chip) XVTX z UBSN UBSNz UBS N Ord VX
Swiss Exchange/Zurich(non-blue chip) XSWX z ACIN ACINz Acino Holding AG S


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