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Urban youths, or often just youths, is a politically correct concept used in news stories in English-speaking countries that refers to groups of criminal or social offenders. In such reports, the youths (biologically young men) will usually be members of a non-Asian minority group, typically of black African extraction; or they may also be referred to as "South Asian" in the UK, in which case the perpetrators are likely to be young Muslim men.[1] They are found in inner cities, but may also live in the suburbs, and typically have low levels of educational or economic attainment. They should not be confused with NEETs, as urban youths are likely to form social groups that may unite against outsiders.

In the 2010s, gangs of urban youths have been implicated in occasional black on white violence attacks, that are also known as "knockout" or "polar bear" attacks.[2] The mainstream media typically do not mention the racial composition of groups of urban youths, in a pattern of race censorship. This pattern has sometimes been mocked in right-wing circles with the neologism "yoofs" to refer to urban youths.[3] Media stories tend to depict them as victims of racism or of social oppression, who are more likely to suffer from youth unemployment, and are considered at-risk of becoming subjects of the juvenile justice system.[4]

The number of urban youths is increasing in Europe due to male-surplus immigration.


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