Vaginal weightlifting

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Vaginal weightlifting is the term encompassing strength training exercises using the contraction of pelvic floor muscles to lift an object inserted in the vagina.


File:Jade Eggs usually come in 3 different sizes.jpg
Jade eggs are common implements in vaginal weightlifting.

Vaginal weightlifting may utilise specialised equipment such as weighted vaginal cones,[1] yoni eggs[2] or jade eggs.[3] Vaginal cones, developed by Plevnik et al.,[4][5] have existed as a pelvic floor re-education method for about a quarter of a century. Jade eggs are oval serpentine objects available in three different sizes and the practitioner starts with the large egg, moving towards the small with increasing expertise in muscle control and strength.[6]

Claimed benefits

Proponents of vaginal weightlifting claim that the exercises yield better results than standard PFME (pelvic floor muscle exercises) such as Kegels in pelvic floor strengthening due to introduction of added resistance.[7][8] However, a 2002 Cochrane Collaboration study reached the result that pelvic floor exercises practiced with vaginal cones proved no significant advantages over Kegel exercises in treatment of stress urinary incontinence.[9] Sex therapists and gynecologists such as Dr. Laura Berman and Dr. Amy Tuteur assert that practice of vaginal weightlifting and standard PFME should not be considered mutually exclusive.[1][8]

World record

Guinness World Record in the category vaginal weightlifting is held by Tatyana Kozhevnikova who deadlifted a 14 kg kettlebell.[10] Kozhevnikova herself is an exercise instructor who has introduced the programme 'intimate gymnastics' (Интимная гимнастика), a physical exercise regimen designed for female sexual health.[11]