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Vaino Vahing in 2006.

Vaino Vahing (15 February 1940 in Aravu, Tartu County – 23 March 2008 in Tartu), was an Estonian writer, prosaist, psychiatrist and playwright. Starting from 1973, he was a member of Estonian Writers Union.

Education and career

  • 1963 – University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine
  • 1969 – Doctor of medicine
  • 1963–1965 – head of department and deputy of the doctor-director at the psycho-neurological clinic in Jämejala
  • 1965–1967 – doctor at the Tartu psychiatry clinic
  • 1967–1975 – expert in forensic psychiatry
  • 1968–1981 – lecturer and later docent at the Institute of Psychiatry of the University of Tartu

Vaino Vahing has written many articles about psychiatry, but also literature – novels, books and plays with psychiatric and autobiographical influence. He has played in several Estonian films.

Books and Novels in Estonian

  • Lugu (Perioodika 1970)
  • Kaemus (Eesti Raamat 1972)
  • Sina (Perioodika 1973)
  • E me ipso (Eesti Raamat 1990)
  • Kaunimad jutud (Ilmamaa 1995)
  • Thespis (Ilmamaa 1997)
  • Machiavelli kirjad tütrele (Eesti Raamat 1990)
  • Mängud ja kõnelused (Eesti Keele Sihtasutus 2002)
  • Hermaküla
  • Noor Unt (Perioodika 2004)
  • Vaimuhaiguse müüt (Ilmamaa 2005)
  • Näitleja (Vagabund 2006)
  • Päevaraamat I (2006)
  • Päevaraamat II (2007)


  • Estonian White Cross, fourth category


Vaino Vahing has been married to writer Maimu Berg and actress Heli Vahing. From the marriage with Maimu Berg he has a daughter Julia Laffranque, former justice at the Supreme Court of Estonia and current European Court of Human Rights judge.