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The Vikings were seafaring Scandinavians engaged in exploring, raiding and trading in waters and lands outside of Scandinavia from the eighth to eleventh centuries.

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Land vehicles

  • Viking (automobile), manufactured by Oldsmobile from 1929 to 1931
  • BvS 10, an all-terrain armoured vehicle called Viking by the British Armed Forces


  • Viking (barque), a Danish sailing ship, now used as a hotel
  • Viking (ship), a Norwegian replica of a Viking ship
  • HMS Viking, several British Royal Navy ships
  • HNoMS Viking (1891), a Royal Norwegian Navy gunboat
  • HSC Viking, a fastcraft in the Isle of Man Steam Packet fleet
  • SS Viking, a steam-powered sealing ship used to film The Viking (1931 film)
  • USS Viking, various United States Navy ships
  • Viking class submarine, a planned but canceled European submarine class
  • Viking Line, a Finnish ferry and cruise operator, and its ships:
    • MS Viking 1, MS Viking 3 and MS Viking 4, nearly identical ferry ships, and MS Viking 5, an enlarged version of the same design
    • MS Viking XPRS, a Viking Line fast cruise ferry
    • MS Viking ADCC, a planned but canceled Viking Line ferry
    • Viking, a passenger ferry built in 1905, later renamed HMS Vindex

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