Voice acting in South Korea

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Voice acting in South Korea began in 1924. The Korean word for voice actor is seong-u (Hangul성우; hanja聲優).


  • 1924: Korea's first radio broadcasting test date, (Thursday of All Day Broadcast, Sunday of Half Day Broadcast) / Company of Chosun Drama Association in Bok Hye Sook, from Korea actress first broadcasting test / Before call to 'Voice Actor of Mother'
  • 1927: Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation open broadcast in Seoul and Busan, date of main broadcast, Tele Number by JODK / Korea's first broadcast radiodrama, From radio drama laboratory entry made wheel edit on broadcast it "Doll of House"
  • 1933: From Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation at 2 heavy-duty broadcast date of broadcast start in Seoul by Korean Language. (1st Broadcast:Japanese Language, 2nd Broadcast:Korean Language) / Korea's first broadcast radio soap-drama, made in Kim Hoe Chang by first made broadcast of "Nochaboo"
  • 1934: Full-size drama of start at Katusha, foreign edit direct and wright it 1 week of weekday broadcast in part 3
  • 1946: Start of main full-size drama "TolToli Adventure", Novel by "Tom Soyer's Adventure" is it U.S. Minister edit systems in Korea's first child of weekday full-size drama, cast of before middle school by Koo Min in "Bok Nam", Lee Hye Kyeong in "TolToli Teacher"
  • 1947: Establish of Seoul Central Broadcast of Drama Association, Join to 1st
  • 1948: Seoul Central Broadcast Drama Association Join to 2nd
  • 1954: Erased at 6.25 Reconstruction in broadcast drama for rejoined director by Jo Nam Sa(1st), the new join of 1st voice actor(Drama Tester), before 6.25 war by voice actor1st and 2nd is renual parts / join of KBS 1st voice actor
  • 1955: Christian Broadcasting System open, join of 1st voice actor
  • 1956: Korea's first of start in weekday full-size drama, "Cheongsil Hongsil" by made in Jo Nam Sa and director in Lee Kyeong Jae, current of start at radio full-size drama
  • 1960: start of history Drama of broadcast, "Dangjaeng Bihwa" by made in Kim Hee Chang and in Lee Sang Man
  • 1961: KMBC Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation open, join of 1st voice actor / date of voice actor casting grade, full in new 4th voice actor 33 person at over 3rd of A-Grade and after 4th of B-Grade from casting fund it part first of grade date
  • 1963: DBC Dong-a Broadcasting Corporation, join of 1st voice actor / Broadcast Culture Group Establish of Korea Voice Performance Association, 1st CEO Jang Min Ho, Self Agent Bok Hye Sook
  • 1964: TBC Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation opens, join of 1st voice actor / <Korea Voice Performance Association> Licensed in Ministry of Broadcast and Announcement Division
  • 1980: Mass-Communication total and close - Christian Broadcasting System, Dong-a Broadcasting System, Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation, Seohae Broadcasting Corporation, Jeonil Broadcasting System is more at KBS total and close in totally KBS Voice Acting Division
  • 1994: Korea Voice Performance Association Re-Licensed trade in Ministry of Broadcast and Announcement Division

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