Voiced velar lateral fricative

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Voiced velar lateral fricative

The voiced velar lateral fricative is a very rare speech sound that can be found in Archi, a Northeast Caucasian language of Dagestan, in which it is clearly a fricative, although further forward than velars in most languages, and might better be called prevelar. Archi also has various voiceless fricatives and voiceless and ejective affricates at the same place of articulation.[1]

It occurs as an intervocalic allophone of /ʟ̝̊/ in Nii and perhaps some related Wahgi languages of New Guinea.

The IPA has no dedicated symbol for this sound, but it can be transcribed as a raised velar lateral approximant, ⟨ʟ̝⟩.


Features of the voiced velar lateral fricative:


Note that the source uses the symbol for the voiced alveolar lateral fricative ([ɮ]), but also indicates the sound to be prevelar.

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