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VoloMetrix, Inc.
Type Subsidiary
Founded 2011
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, US
Chairman Chris Brahm
CEO Ryan Fuller
Products Software as a service
Parent Microsoft Corporation[1]
Website www.VoloMetrix.com

VoloMetrix, Inc. is an American subsidiary of Microsoft based in Seattle, Washington. VoloMetrix sells people analytics software that combines data from collaboration platforms to create data visualizations and dashboards. At the end of April 2013, the company raised $3.3M in series A funding from Shasta Ventures.[2] In October 2014, VoloMetrix announced a series B funding round with Shasta Ventures and Split Rock Partners that raised $12M.[3] In September 2015 it was officially announced that Microsoft had acquired the company for a yet undisclosed amount. The acquisition was made to improve existing Microsoft offerings such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Delve.[4]

Company team

The company was founded in 2011 by Ryan Fuller, the company's CEO, and Chris Brahm, a Senior Partner and Director at Bain & Company. The VoloMetrix leadership team team includes Natalie McCullough (Chief Revenue Officer), Nimrod Vered (VP of Engineering), Chantrelle Nielsen (VP of Product), Ahmed Quadri (VP of Customer Solutions), Eileen Conway (VP of Marketing), and Peter Cullen (Chief Privacy Officer). Jim Simons, Managing Director of Split Rock Partners, joined the VoloMetrix Board of Directors following the series B funding round.


VoloMetrix extracts and analyzes anonymous data from company email, calendar, social platforms and line-of-business applications. They enable executives, managers and individuals in any organization to clearly understand where their teams are focused and how they can work together most effectively through easy-to-use, interactive dashboards.[5] The application and integrated professional services work together to diagnose and resolve company-wide issues such as tracking bottlenecks,[6] and providing a more dynamic view of the organization than a classic org chart can provide.[7] VoloMetrix solutions can be used to change the way functions across the organization manage their business, including HR, Finance,[8] and IT.[9][10]


In August 2014, VoloMetrix publicly announced that it had filed a patent for its proprietary technology and associated metrics.[11] VoloMetrix's key organizational metrics include Organizational Load Index (OLI), Fragmentation, Network Efficiency Index, and other measures aimed at improving employee performance.


Metrics provided by VoloMetrix include:

  • Organizational Load Index: number of hours a person consumes from the rest of the organization based on meetings they organize and emails they send
  • 1:1 Manager Interactions: number of hours per week spent in meetings involving only an individual and the individual's direct supervisor during a given time period
  • Time in Meetings: number of hours per week spent in meetings during a given time period


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