Volodar of Peremyshl

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Volodar of Peremyshl
Prince of Peremyshl'
Reign 1092–1124
Died 19 March 1124
Spouse a Pomeranian Princess
Issue Volodymyrko Volodarovych
Rostyslav Volodarovych
Iryna Volodarovych
a daughter
Full name
Volodar Rostislavovych
House Riurik Dynasty
Father Rostislav Vladimirovich
Mother Anna Lanke

Volodar Rostyslavych, Volodar Rostislavich (Ukrainian: Володар Ростиславич, Russian: Володарь Ростиславич) (died 1124) was Prince of Zvenyhorod (1085–92) and Peremyshl' (1092–97).

Zvenyhorod depicted on the map (of 1190) as Zvenyhorod in P. of Halicz (light green).

He actively was involved in the Polish internal affairs. Volodar also waged a war against the Grand Prince of Kiev Sviatopolk II of Kiev and his son Yaroslav. In 1121 Volodar was imprisoned in Poland, but was bonded out by his brother Vasylko Rostyslavych.

Together with Vasylko participated at the federal council in Liubech in 1097 (see Council of Liubech).

His father was Rostislav of Tmutarakan; his son was Volodymyrko of Halych, father of Yaroslav Osmomysl.

Today there is confusion between two localities of former Zvenyhorod city, one being located in Pustomyty Raion near Lviv and another in Borshchiv or Buchach Raion (2 in Ternopil Oblast). The map on the left shows one east of Halych (pol. Halicz), which is one in the Ternopil Oblast, while the official Ukrainian historiography claims the one near Lviv, which would be located north of Halych.

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Preceded by
Riurik Rostislavovich
Prince of Peremyshl
Succeeded by
Rostyslav Volodarovych
Preceded by
position created
Prince of Zvenyhorod
Succeeded by
Volodymyrko Volodarovych