Vox Popoli

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Vox Popoli
Founded 2003
Key people Vox Day
Owner Vox Day
Slogan(s) #RabidPuppies #ALTRIGHT #GamerGate
Website http://voxday.blogspot.com
Type of site Blog, Online Magazine, News
Registration Not required locally
Available in English
Current status Active

Vox Popoli is Vox Day's main blog, a previous one being Alpha Game.[1] It usually has several posts each day by Day. The topics include economics, politics, religion (Christianity in particular), science, science fiction, gaming, the NFL, current events, books and other works published by Castalia House such as the Alt Hero comics, and more. Comments are enabled but require registration with an existing commenting service. A set of posting rules is enforced by several moderators.

History and Traffic

The Vox Popoli blog began in October, 2003 and continues to present. Traffic grew to 20,776,969 Google pageviews in 2015, with over 24,000,000 pageviews by October for 2016. Growth has continued since then.


The blog has widened Vox Day's influence in many areas, including as a social critic and theoretician, and in military theory, economics, and game development. It has played a key role in several events-

In August 2016, Vox Day published the 16 Points of the Alt Right in a blog post that received over 400 comments.[5] It laid out his vision of the common beliefs and goals of the Alt right political movement.