Wallace Chung

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Wallace Chung
Chinese name 鍾漢良 (traditional)
Chinese name 钟汉良 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhong Hànliáng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Zung1 Hon3 Loeng4 (Cantonese)
Born (1974-11-30) 30 November 1974 (age 44)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Little Sun (小太陽)
Xiao Wa (小哇)
Occupation Actor, singer, commercial model, presenter
Genre(s) C-pop
Label(s) TVB (1993–1995)
Music Impact (1995–1998)
Rock Records (2000–2005)
Cornucopia Music (2006–present)
Hairun Media (2012–present)
Years active 1993–present
Ancestry Huiyang, Guangdong, China
Official website http://www.wallacechung.cc

Wallace Chung (born 30 November 1974), also known as Chung Hon-leung (鍾漢良), is a Hong Kong actor and recording artist. Of Hakka ancestry, Chung's debut was in the 1993 Hong Kong TVB biographical television drama The Chord to Victory, portraying Kenny Bee, a member of The Wynners. In 1995, Chung moved to Taiwan to pursue a singing career under the guidance of record producer Samuel Tai, subsequently signing a contract with Music Impact.

Chung's successful debut with his 1995 dance album OREA dubbed him as Taiwan's "Little Sun." The eponymous title song quickly raced to #1, topping the charts for many weeks. In December 1995, Chung released his second album By Your Side (在你身邊), which earned him a title as Taiwan's Best Idol for two years in the row. Chung achieved further fame in Mainland China through his performances in popular television dramas and films.



Title Chinese title Year Role Position / Extra Information
Hi Sir 超級班長 1996 Dong Zhenwu(董振武) (aka Squad Leader)
Love is not a Game, but a Joke 飛一般愛情小說 1997 Leslie (aka Sweet Symphony)
Fight or Die 英雄向後轉 1997 Lin Zongguan(林縱貫)
Love Tragedy 別戀 1998 Zhou Han(周漢)
Bad Girl Trilogy 惡女列傳 1998 Liang(阿良) Segment: Cat and Mouse
Forever Young 今生有約 2000 Lead male (shelved)王武新
Duel for Love 鬥愛 2008 Chu Sinan(楚思南) Nominated — Beijing Student Film Festival for Most Popular Actor
Night Rose 夜玫瑰 2009 Ke Zhihong(柯志宏) Digital film
Fire-Line Fighting 火線追兇 2009 Detective Zhong Lang(鍾朗) Television film
Nominated — Baihe Awards for Best Actor
Secret Garden 秘密花園 2012 Jin Zhuyuan(金洙元)
Fall in Love 愛神來了 2013 Si Song(司松)
Drug War 毒戰 2013 Guo Weijun(郭偉軍)
The Continent 后會無期 2014 A Lv(阿呂)
Girls 閨蜜 2014 Lin Jie (林杰)
Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 2014 Liu Chong (劉翀)
Monster Hunt 捉妖记 2015 Ge Qian Hu (葛千戶)
Bounty Hunters 賞金獵人 2016
Three 三人行 2016 Zhang Lixin (張禮信)
Tik Tok 逆轉之日 2016 Guo Zhiyong (郭智勇)


Television serial dramas
Title Chinese title Year Role Position / Extra Information
The Chord to Victory 少年五虎 1993 Kenny Bee](阿B) Main role
Mind Our Own Business 開心華之里 1993 Siu Kwong-wai Guest role
Conscience 第三類法庭 1994 Cham Wang-leung Guest role
Journey of Love 親恩情未了 1994 Cheung Ka-keung Supporting role
Detective Investigation Files 刑事偵緝檔案 1995 Lam Yan-chi Guest role
Windstorm 白手風雲 1999 Chu Yun(楚雲) Main role
Sweetheart 上錯樓梯睡錯床 2000 Hsu Kuo-tai(許國泰) Main role
Dancing Girls at Wartime 風塵舞蝶 2001 Bao Wangchun(鮑望春) Main role
Meteor Garden 流星花園 2001 Sung Episodes 14–15
Qian Si Wan Lu 千絲萬縷 2001 Han Yuntian(韓雲天) Main role
Secretly Loving You 偷偷愛上你 2002 Chiang Cheng-fei(姜承飛) Main role
The Four Detective Guards 四大名捕 2002 Chaser(追命) Main role
Hi! Working Girl Hi!上班女郎 2003 Johnny(強尼) Episodes 5–8
Treacherous Waters 逆水寒 2003 Gu Xizhao(顧惜朝) Main role
Nominated — Top Chinese TV Drama Awards for Most Popular Hong Kong Actor
Midnight Sunlight 午夜陽光 2004 Yu Youhe(于佑和) Main role
Devildom 魔界 2004 Lu Yi(陸逸) Main role
The Patriotic Knights 俠骨丹心 2005 Li Nanxing(厲南星) Main role
Secret History of Kangxi 康熙秘史 2006 Nalan Xingde(納蘭性德/容若) Main role
King of Shanghai 上海王 2007 Yu Qiyang (A'qi)(余其揚/阿其) Main role
Nominated — Shanghai TV Festival for Most Popular Actor
Nominated — Chinese Music Awards for Best Television Drama Actor (HK/Taiwan Region)
Rose Martial World 玫瑰江湖 2007 Mu Sheng(沐晟) Main role
Royal Tramp 鹿鼎記 2008 Kangxi Emperor(康熙) Main role
Undercover 內線 2009 Liang Dongge(梁東哥) Main role
Let's Dance 不如跳舞 2009 Luo Peng(羅鵬) Main role
Too Late To Say I Love You 來不及說我愛你 2009 Murong Feng(慕容灃/慕容四少) Main role
No Choice 別無選擇 2010 Qi Tianbai(齊天白) Main role
Under the Bodhi Tree 菩提樹下 2010 Guan Houpu(關厚樸) Main role
Imminent Crisis 一觸即發 2011 Yang Muchu / Yang Muci(楊慕初/楊慕次) Main role
The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 2011 Fu Hongxue(傅紅雪) Main role
Best Time 最美的時光 2012 Lu Licheng(陸勵成) Main role
The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龍八部 2012 Qiao Feng / Xiao Feng(喬峰/蕭峰) Main role
The Stand-in 十月围城 2013 Li Chongguang/Wang Asi (李重光/王阿四) Main role
The City of Warriors 勇士之城 2013 He Pingan(何平安) Main role
My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 2014 He Yichen(何以琛) Main role
Love switch 愛情的開關 2016 Zhou Yanzhao(周衍照) Main role
Other appearances
Title Chinese title Year Role Position / Extra Information
Twilight Tubes Part I 不可思議星期二之不速之客 1993 Patrick Episode 6
情場妙女郎 1993 So Sing Supporting role
K-100 1994 Himself Host
Movie Buff Championship (Sr. 2) 超級無敵獎門人之再戰江湖 1997 Himself Guest (Episode 15)
Super Girl 超級女聲 2005 Himself Judge
Dancing with Stars 舞林大會 2006 Himself Contestant
The Amazing Race China 极速前进 2014 Himself Contestant (Winner with Jackie Chung)
Running Man II China 奔跑吧兄弟 (第二季) 2015 Himself Contestant
Off To School China 我去上学啦 2015 Himself Host



  • 1995: OREA
  • 1995: By Your Side (在你身邊)
  • 1996: Miracle (奇蹟)
  • 1996: Present (一千種不放心 / 禮物)
  • 1997: Passionate (親熱)
  • 1997: Narcissism Remix (自戀舞星級)
  • 1998: You Love Him? (妳愛他嗎?)
  • 1998: Hello How Are You? (鍾情二次方)
  • 2000: Most are Wonderful (最是精彩)
  • 2004: Soul Man (流向巴黎)
  • 2010: All Eyes On Me (視覺動物)
  • 2015: Sing For Life (乐作人生)


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