Warinus de la Strode

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Warinus de la Strode
Born c. 1045
Brittany, France
Died after 1086
Nationality Breton
Other names Warin de la Strode, Warin of Brittany, Guarin du l'Strode, Warinus Arbalistarius

Sir Warinus de la Strode — also known as Warin de la Strode, Warin of Brittany, or Guarin du l'Strode — was a Breton soldier who participated in the Norman conquest of England in 1066.[1]


Warin was born around 1045 in Brittany.[citation needed] After the Norman conquest, Warin became Lord of Strode, in Dorsetshire.[1] In the Domesday Book of 1086, as Warinus arbalistarius (Medieval Latin, "Warin the crossbowman"), he is recorded as owning an area called Celewrde (modern name Chelworth), located in the hundred of Cricklade in northern Wiltshire.[2][3]


De la Strode's heir and eldest son was Sir William de la Strode (born around 1070).[citation needed]


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