Wartislaw II, Duke of Pomerania

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Wartislaw II redirects here. It can also refer to Wartislaw II of Stettin.

Wartislaw II (* ~ 1160 – ~ 1184) was a duke of Pomerania-Demmin. He either was a son of Bogislaw I and Walburga of Denmark, or Wartislaw of the Swantiboride sideline of the Griffins, castellan of Szczecin.

Wartislaw II was a son of Bogislaw I, duke of Pomerania-Stettin and his first wife Walburga of Denmark. He was married to Sophia of Poland, yet they had no children. Wartislaw received Pomerania-Demmin after Casimir I of Pomerania-Demmin died in 1180.

This version is challenged by Adolf Hofmeister (1883–1956), who states that he has been confused with the Swantiboride castellan of Szczecin, Wartislaw (Wartislaw Swantiboricz or Swantiboriz), who is known to have been one of the legal guardians of Casimir II, who would be the next duke to rule Pomerania-Demmin.

Wartislaw II, Duke of Pomerania
Born: ~ 1160 Died: ~ 1184
Preceded by
Casimir I
Duke of Pomerania-Demmin
Succeeded by
Casimir II

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