Water polo at the 1920 Summer Olympics

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Men's water polo
at the Games of the VII Olympiad
Venue Stade Nautique d'Antwerp
Dates August 22–29
Competitors 99 from 12 nations
1st Great Britain
 Great Britain
2nd Belgium
3rd Sweden
← 1912
1924 →

Final results for the water polo tournament at the 1920 Summer Olympics. All medals were decided by using the Bergvall system.

Medal summary

Gold Silver Bronze
 Great Britain
Charles Sydney Smith
Paul Radmilovic
Charles Bugbee
Noel Purcell
Christopher Jones
William Peacock
William Henry Dean
Albert Durant
Gérard Blitz
Maurice Blitz
Joseph Pletinckx
Paul Gailly
Pierre Nijs
René Bauwens
Pierre Dewin
Harald Julin
Robert Andersson
Vilhelm Andersson
Erik Bergqvist
Max Gumpel
Pontus Hanson
Erik Andersson
Nils Backlund
Theodor Nauman
Torsten Kumfeldt[lower-alpha 1]


Gold medal round

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
        Great Britain (GBR) 9  
  Spain (ESP) 1       Spain (ESP) 0  
  Italy (ITA) 1[lower-alpha 2]         Great Britain (GBR) 7  
          United States (USA) 2  
        United States (USA) 7  
        Greece (GRE) 0  
          Great Britain (GBR) 3
  Belgium (BEL) 11         Belgium (BEL) 2
  Switzerland (SUI) 0       Belgium (BEL) 2  
        Netherlands (NED) 1  
          Belgium (BEL) 5  
  Sweden (SWE) 11         Sweden (SWE) 3  
  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 0       Sweden (SWE) 7       
  Brazil (BRA) 5       Brazil (BRA) 3       
  France (FRA) 1  

Silver medal round

Semifinals Final
  United States (USA) 5  
  Spain (ESP) 0       United States (USA) 2
        Belgium (BEL) 7

Bronze medal round

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
        Sweden (SWE) 9  
  Netherlands (NED) 7       Netherlands (NED) 1  
  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 0         Sweden (SWE) 5
          United States (USA) 0
        United States (USA) 7
  Greece (GRE) 5       Greece (GRE) 0    
  Italy (ITA) 1  


  1. This competitor is missing from the IOC medal database but is shown by Wudarski/de Wael/Mallon/Kamper. He probably played two matches.
  2. Italy forfeited the match in extra time.