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Weirdo #1.
Art by Robert Crumb.
Publication information
Publisher Last Gasp
Schedule Quarterly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date March 1981 - 1993
Number of issues 28
Editor(s) Robert Crumb
Peter Bagge
Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Weirdo was a magazine-sized comics anthology created by Robert Crumb and published by Last Gasp from 1981 to 1993.

Weirdo served as a "low art" counterpoint to its contemporary highbrow Raw. Early issues of Weirdo reflect Crumb's interests at the time – outsider art, fumetti, Church of the SubGenius-type anti-propaganda and assorted "weirdness." It also introduced artists such as Peter Bagge, Dori Seda and Dennis (Stickboy) Worden.

With issue #10, Crumb later handed over the editing reins to Bagge; with issue #18, the reins went to Crumb's wife, cartoonist Aline Kominsky-Crumb (except for issue #25, which was again edited by Bagge). The three editorial tenures were known respectively as "Personal Confessions," the "Coming of the Bad Boys," and the "Twisted Sisters."[1]

Weirdo's final issue, #28, an internationally themed 68-page giant titled Verre D'eau (in French, "glass of water"), was published in 1993.[2]

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