Wenceslaus Hajek

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Wenceslaus Hajek of Libočan

Wenceslaus Hajek of Libočan (Czech: Václav Hájek z Libočan; German: Wenzeslaus Hajek von Libotschan; Latin: Wenceslai Hagecii, Wenceslai Hagek a Liboczan; d. 18 March 1553) was a Bohemian chronicler, author of the Annales Bohemorum (Kronyka Czeská or Kronika Česká [in modern Czech]). The Annales was translated into German by Johann Sandel (1596), and was long considered one of the best sources of Bohemian history. Modern criticism has found it to be very inaccurate as a description of the times described, although still useful for information about the literary traditions of the time.



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