White House Chief Strategist

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White House Chief Strategist
Steve Bannon 2010.jpg
Steve Bannon

since January 20, 2017
Executive Office of the President
White House Office
Reports to The President
Appointer The President
Formation 2017
First holder Steve Bannon
Succession None
Website The White House

The White House Chief Strategist is one of the President's closest advisors working to execute the administration's long-term agenda and providing counsel to the President on all critical matters. The new position was created in 2016 by then President-elect Donald Trump. At that time, Trump appointed Steve Bannon, his former campaign CEO, to fill the newly created position.[1] As a member of the presidential West Wing staff, the position does not require Senate confirmation.

As currently conceived, the chief strategist has nearly equivalent authority to that of the chief of staff, an arrangement "aimed at ensuring that both (the Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist) would be required to sign off on many decisions jointly."[1]

As of January 28th, 2017, the White House chief strategist was added to the permanent members of the United States National Security Council Principals Committee by a presidential memorandum signed by President Trump.[2]

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