White Widow (cannabis)

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White Widow
White widow.jpg
Cannabis of the White Widow strain
Genus Cannabis
Hybrid parentage 60% indica, 40% sativa
Breeder Shantibaba
Origin Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands

White Widow is a Cannabis strain developed in The Netherlands by seed breeder known as Shantibaba who owns and runs Mr. Nice Seeds and the CBD Crew and it's known for its abundance of white trichomes and high potency.[1] White Widow has been reported to leave the user with a relaxed feeling. It, like most indica marijuana varieties, is an appetite enhancer. However, being a cross between sativa and indica (60% Indica, 40% Sativa) it also has the sativa quality of mood enhancement - bringing on an interest in activities one may not normally enjoy. The variety won the Cannabis Cup in 1995.[2][3][4] White Widow grown in Amsterdam is known to contain up to 20% of the active ingredient THC. White Widow buds are covered in trichomes, giving it an almost snowy look. As of late as 2011, it sells for approximately 8 Euros per gram in The Netherlands.[5] In San Jose and Colorado Springs, it is available from dispensaries for Medical Marijuana patients for $8 US per gram. [6]

White Widow is a compact plant of medium height. The buds only develop a few amber-colored hairs, but the high crystalline resin production of this plant has become well known.

White Widow is a strain that is relatively easy to grow to an experienced horticulturalist, especially in Europe because of its resistance to mold and colder climates. The original White Widow was created using a pure Sativa land race from Brazil[2] and was pollinated by an Indica-hybrid from southern India.

The White widow has been used a lot to breed new strains of cannabis during the last decades. One of the most famous example is the White Rhino strain.[7]

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