Wilfrid Philip Ward

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Wilfrid Ward

Wilfrid Philip Ward (2 January 1856 – 9 April 1916) was an English essayist and biographer.


He was born in 1856 at Old Hall, Ware, Hertfordshire to William George Ward and his wife, Frances (née Wingfield). He attended St. Edmund's College in Ware, Hertfordshire; Ushaw College, in Durham, England; and Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. Afterward, he was occupied at educational institutions in Great Britain. He lectured at Lowell Institute, Boston in 1915. He edited the Dublin Review, contributed to publications such as the Edinburgh Review, Quarterly Review, Contemporary Review. He died in 1916.

Ward and his friend Baron Friedrich von Hügel have been described as "the two leading lay English Catholic thinkers of their generation".[1]


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