William Frederick Wyndham

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The Hon. William Frederick Wyndham (6 April 1763 – 11 February 1828) was an English aristocrat and diplomat.

William Frederick Wyndham was the son of Charles Wyndham, 2nd Earl of Egremont and Hon. Alicia Maria Carpenter, daughter of George Carpenter, 2nd Baron Carpenter and Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Charlotte.[1] On 21 July 1784 he married Frances Mary Harford, the illegitimate daughter of Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore and Hester Whelan. They had three daughters and one son George, who became the 4th Earl of Egremont.[1]

From 1794 to 1814, Wyndham was appointed the English Ambassador to Tuscany. Lady Holland recorded surprise at the appointment:

I went to supper at Lord Elgin's. Nobody would credit that W. Wyndham was appointed Minister to Florence; "Comment done, ce petit polisson (rascal), ce petit Jacobin." He passed last winter here, and belonged to the Jacobin Club at Paris, and was very much slighted here. Lord Elgin frankly told me he doubted my story, it was impossible that such a man could be employed [...] W. Wyndham's appointment is not much relished, as the Court want a steady, reasonable man, disposed to soothe matters, and, God knows, poor Wyndham is not capable of filling that post.[2]

He married a second time to Julia de Smorzewske, Countess de Spyterki.[1] Arthur,apparently a son from this marriage, became a Colonel in the Madras Army.[3]

Diplomatic posts
Preceded by
John Hervey, Lord Hervey
British Minister to Tuscany
Succeeded by
John Fane, 11th Earl of Westmorland


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