William mac Ulick Burke

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William mac Ulick Burke, 4th Clanricarde, died 1430.

William's era is one of the more obscure reigns of a Clanricarde. The Annals of the Four Masters have only two references to his term:

  • 1424. Mac William of Clannrickard (Ulick Burke) died in his own house, after having vanquished the Devil and the world.
  • 1430. An army was led by Mac William of Clanrickard, Mac Donough of Tirerrill, and Brian, the son of Donnell, son of Murtough O'Conor of Sligo, into Conmaicne Cuile, where they caused great conflagrations, and slew Hugh, son of O'Conor Roe, and Carbry, the son of Brian O'Beirne; and then they returned home in triumph.

Only in A New History of Ireland IX does it give his year of death as 1430. His successor, Ulick Ruadh Burke, would reign until 1485.

Preceded by
Ulick an Fhiona Burke
Succeeded by
Ulick Ruadh Burke

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