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Willie McCovey (44), for whom the award was named.

The Willie Mac Award is named in honor of Willie McCovey. It has been presented annually since 1980 to the most inspirational player on the San Francisco Giants, as voted upon by Giants players, coaches, training staff, and Giants fans. [1] McCovey personally presents the winner with the award in a pregame ceremony at AT&T Park right before the end of each season.


Year Player Position
1980 Clark, JackJack Clark RF
1981 Herndon, LarryLarry Herndon LF
1982 Morgan, JoeJoe Morgan 2B
1983 Evans, DarrellDarrell Evans 1B
1984 Brenly, BobBob Brenly C
1985 Krukow, MikeMike Krukow (1) P
1986 Krukow, MikeMike Krukow (2) P
1987 Speier, ChrisChris Speier 2B
1988 Uribe, JoséJosé Uribe SS
1989 Dravecky, DaveDave Dravecky P
1990 Bedrosian, SteveSteve Bedrosian P
1991 Thompson, RobbyRobby Thompson 2B
1992 Felder, MikeMike Felder CF
1993 Manwaring, KirtKirt Manwaring C
1994 (not awarded due to strike)
1995 Leiter, MarkMark Leiter P
1995 Carreon, MarkMark Carreon 1B
1996 Dunston, ShawonShawon Dunston SS
1997 Snow, J. T.J. T. Snow (1) 1B
1998 Kent, JeffJeff Kent 2B
1999 Benard, MarvinMarvin Benard CF
2000 Burks, EllisEllis Burks RF[2]
2001 Gardner, MarkMark Gardner P[3]
2001 Santiago, BenitoBenito Santiago C[3]
2002 Bell, DavidDavid Bell 3B
2003 Grissom, MarquisMarquis Grissom CF
2004 Snow, J. T.J. T. Snow (2) 1B
2005 Matheny, MikeMike Matheny C[4]
2006 Vizquel, OmarOmar Vizquel SS
2007 Molina, BengieBengie Molina (1) C[5]
2008 Molina, BengieBengie Molina (2) C[6]
2009 Cain, MattMatt Cain P[7]
2010 Torres, AndresAndres Torres CF[8]
2011 Vogelsong, RyanRyan Vogelsong P[9]
2012 Posey, BusterBuster Posey C[10]
2013 Pence, HunterHunter Pence RF[11]
2014 Bumgarner, MadisonMadison Bumgarner P[12]
2015 Duffy, MattMatt Duffy 3B[13]

Plaques with the names of each winner are placed in the ground surrounding the statue of Willie McCovey on the southern shore of China Basin, unofficially known as McCovey Cove.

Matt Duffy was the first rookie winner of the award.

Similar MLB awards

The Hutch Award is for the "active player who best exemplifies the fighting spirit and competitive desire to win". Only Omar Vizquel and Dave Dravecky have won both the Willie Mac Award and the Hutch Award, although Willie McCovey won the Hutch Award in 1977.

Vizquel was a finalist in 2007 for the MLBPAA Heart & Hustle Award, which honors the player who "best embodies the values, spirit and tradition of the game".

The Catfish Hunter Award is for the Oakland Athletics team member "whose play on the field and conduct in the clubhouse best exemplifies the courageous, competitive and inspirational spirit demonstrated by the late ... pitcher, Jim "Catfish" Hunter."

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